First Night With A Puppy | Ideas For Their Transition

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 5th Apr 2017

First Night With A Puppy | Ideas For Their Transition

The first 24 hours and beyond

Day one in their new home will be the most stressful for your new puppy, and the most demanding for you to create the ground rules and behaviors while building a relationship with your pup.

Gently removing the family bond

When you bring a puppy into our house, you need to realize that they have spent all of their life to this point surrounded by the warm bodies, smells of their siblings and mother.

Separation anxiety is part of getting used to a new environment, and you need to gently help with the idea of them no longer being with their family.

Creating a safe and comfortable environment

For the first night it would be wise to provide a crate with comfortable blankets and other items that will make them feel safe and warm. Ideally it would be beneficial to keep it as close as possible to you so they do not feel isolated. In the event they start to bark or whine the tendency may be to isolate them in a distant room.

This may not be a good idea because it can cause trauma that could be permanent, veterinarian’s advice against this idea, stating that the intense anxiety caused by this move could result in behavioral problems for the dog as they grow.

Hey I need a potty break

One of the morning routines first thing is to allow the pup outside, generally they will relieve themselves in small amounts but several times, so you need to give them some time. Always and this is important after they have done their business to praise them a lot.

Sending a clear message they are loved

It is very important that your new puppy is felt loved and an important part of the household without going overboard, it is not necessary to over coddle your dog.

A lot of making your new pup feel safe and welcomed is common sense, they are like any other family member that needs love and affection and given some will reward you with unconditional love forever.