Home Remedy For Ear Mites In Dogs

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 12th Apr 2017

Who let the bugs out?

Okay let’s make it clear ear mites or mites period are gross, the idea of them being in my dogs ears is not very pleasant, so the search was on for a home remedy for ear mites in dogs.

Whether we like to believe it or not we have dust mites throughout our house no matter how clean we keep the house, of course the cleaner the house the less mites there are.

You can’t see them with the naked eye they are too small 0.3 millimeters small, that is real small so you would need a magnifying glass to observe them, but who would want to.

They can cause allergy reactions for humans but they can also get in your pets ears and that is not a good thing for your dog!

But lucky for you there are everyday household items that can deliver them a bad day!