Human Food That Is Good Or Bad For Dogs

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 18th Apr 2017

Food We Can Share With Fido That We Eat

We have all seen the scene from a movie where the family dog is under the dining table with a house full of dinner guests and they are handing food under the table to the dog.

Our maybe it is not a movie but your house!

At some point we are all guilty of giving into our dogs and give them food that we eat, however not all the food that we consume is bad for our pets. Below is a chart (courtesy of Kuddly) to help decide which Human Food That Is Good Or Bad For Dogs.

It is a good practice not to feed our dogs from the dinner table this can create a really bad habit unless you have the most patient dog in the world, because it can cause barking, anxiety and other behaviors that are not good at the dinner time, which is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable.

However if the habit is already there then at least you need to know what you can and cannot feed your dog from the dinner table. 

Human Food That Is Good Or Bad For Dogs