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Easy To Make Dog Toys

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 20th Apr 2017

DIY Dog Toys To Occupy Your DogLet’s face it everyone gets bored at times, why do you think reruns do so well on television? Because they are better than being bored! Your dog is no different so let … read more

Human Food That Is Good Or Bad For Dogs

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 18th Apr 2017

Food We Can Share With Fido That We Eat We have all seen the scene from a movie where the family dog is under the dining table with a house full of dinner guests and they are handing food u … read more

Home Remedy For Ear Mites In Dogs

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 12th Apr 2017

Who let the bugs out? Okay let’s make it clear ear mites or mites period are gross, the idea of them being in my dogs ears is not very pleasant, so the search was on for a home remedy for ea … read more

Dog Houses For Large Dogs

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 7th Apr 2017

Getting your large dog a new home When it comes to the variety of dog sizes there is mini, small, medium, large, extra large and oh my gosh get out of its way! Owners of the extra large … read more

First Night With A Puppy | Ideas For Their Transition

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 5th Apr 2017

The first 24 hours and beyond Day one in their new home will be the most stressful for your new puppy, and the most demanding for you to create the ground rules and behaviors while buildi … read more