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Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 8th Aug 2017

Is there such a thing as the best? The term best may often be over used but when it comes to selecting the top 10 best guard dog breeds it requires some sort of criteria to determine which … read more

How To Help Your Dog Live Longer

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 31st Jul 2017

Long live our canine. We all want our dogs to live forever however it is a fact that more than likely we are going to outlive them depending on your current age of course, you can learn how to … read more

Care And Maintenance Of A Dog House

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 6th Jun 2017

The first order of business when determining the care and maintenance of a dog house is what type of material the house is made of and where is the house located in terms of climate and backyard loc … read more

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Poop

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 31st May 2017

Okay just the thought of that can be ewww, but it happens, so we need to discuss how to stop a dog from eating poop.So is this a thing?Yes it is referred to as coprophagia and here are some of the f … read more

Go Camping With Your Dog

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 23rd May 2017

Go Camping With Your Dog Take your dog to the great outdoors! Going camping is a lot of fun and going camping with your dog is only going to improve on the experience! Not sure about that? Then j … read more