Deluxe Dog House Heater

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Keep your dog nice and warm during the winter months with this economical dog house heater!

Deluxe Dog House Heater:

100,000 Cycle Life Thermostat you set the temperature you desire and forget about it!

Estimated Temperature Settings on the unit:
Low to Medium = Approximately 32ºF to 50ºF
Medium to High = Approximately 50ºF to 80ºF

Dog house heater runs only when it is needed therefore saving energy cost to you.

Internal heat shield on lower half protects your dog from any burns.

Unit has rounded corners so your dog does not injure themselves.

Overhead Heat Shield on the top of Furnace and will disperse heat evenly protecting the ceiling of your dog's home.

150 watt long lasting, extremely efficient, heating element.

Heating Element and Thermostat are replaceable if needed.

Able to heat 32 cubic foot doghouse, yet works perfectly in the smaller homes.

Thermo sensing bulb allows for accurate control of the heat of your pet's house.

Metal cord cover for added protection from chewing - Cord length: 7 feet

Voltage - 120V 60Hz

Dimensions: Approx 10" W x 10 1/2" L x 5 1/4" protrudes from wall.