Dog House Kennel


The dog house with an attached kennel area

The perfect scenario for your dog when it comes to providing shelter is a dog house that also functions as an open kennel area, allowing the dog to be safe and at the same time providing the ability to be outside enjoying their environment.

What are the options?

Your options are to invest in a nice house and then build a kennel area with some type of fencing, usually this involves chain link however over time your dog is likely going to wear the grass down to bare dirt resulting in a mud pit when it rains.

Another option is to pour a concrete pad off of the house area enclosing it with fencing material which is good if you have the skill set, budget and time to do it.

Finally another option is to consider a dog house/kennel combination that provides all of the above and more for you and your pet.

What are the advantages?

The dog house with attached kennel area offers numerous advantages:

You can isolate your pet inside if you need to for medical reasons.

Your dog has the best of both worlds that is being protected from the harsh elements and the ability to be outside.

You don’t have to worry about your dog wandering off but they can enjoy the outdoors on a safe solid surface.

There is far less risk of disease with an area you can clean and control rather than them running in the dirt.

The dog house kennel can provide an excellent home for an extra large dog or several small or medium size dogs.