Luxury Dog Houses

Luxury Dog House

Luxury Dog Houses

Everyone has a different definition for luxury however when it comes to a dog house it may be difficult to decide what determines luxury.

With these luxury dog houses you are providing the best of both worlds that being with the doghouse/kennel combo your pet can be secure from the elements yet have a kennel area outside to enjoy their surroundings.

Most dog houses are designed with one thing in mind to keep your dog dry, warm and out of harsh weather, beyond that there is not much else to provide for as long as your pet has the freedom to run around the backyard.

However if you do not have a secure yard then that leaves you with only one option and that is to tie your dog up, that hardly qualifies as luxury.

With luxury dog houses of this type your dog is safe but not confined to a chain.

These qualify as luxury in another way and that is they will look stunning in your backyard.

You can paint them the same color scheme as your house and even provide rain gutters and a roof covering of your choice.

They will blend in nicely with your landscape design and will not be an eye sore the way some other homes may be.