Small Free Standing Dog Gate

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Easy setup no tools required ready to use out of the box!

Small Free Standing Dog Gate

The gate is 27" high to help discourage your dog from jumping over.

Expands from 28" to 47" wide and is self supporting, no hardware or installation required!

Lower height makes it easy for you to step over.

Folds flat for storage or transport, rubber feet protect your floors from damage.

Easy assembly and set-up, adjustable to fit a variety of openings, whether it is a doorway or hallway.

Distance between the bars: 1 inch.

There are numerous reasons why you may want to secure your dog in a particular area:

Maybe you have house guests and do not what the dog jumping up on your guests or getting into trouble!

You may want secure your pet if they are not feeling well and need their own space. 

There may be luxury furniture in your home that you want to protect.

You may want to secure an area need the stairs that could be dangerous for them especially if you are away.

Then there is always the kitchen area where dogs can get into trouble!