Western Red Cedar Dog House

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Premium extra large western red cedar dog house          

Benefits and features of the western red cedar dog house:

* Free Shipping (USA 48 States)

* Built to last and is an attractive addition to your backyard.

* Very easy to assemble will require approximately 30 minutes of your time and no special tools.

* 5 year warranty and made in the USA.

* Constructed with 100% all natural wood no chemicals are used!

* All stainless steel hardware.

* The pre-assembled panels designed at the factory facilitate makes for an easy accurate assembly and ensure consistent quality throughout.

Hand crafted with beautiful western red cedar that is designed to last, featuring UV resistant high density panels for the floor and the roof it is also elevated off of the ground making it easier access for your pet and allows air flow and premature decay from being in contact with the ground.

The walls are engineered with 1” thick cedar boards and feature a ¼” overlap that ensures a tight weather seal to keep the cold draft out.

The door of the western red cedar dog house is offset from center to provide protection from direct wind or sun into the main area of the house; this gives your pet an area to get out of the elements.

The ideal cedar dog house for the large or extra large breed dogs.

Door dimensions: 13" Wide x 18"High - Outside dimensions (frame) 15" Wide x 19.5" High.

Overall Dimensions: 40” Wide x 40” Long x 37” High. House is 36” Long x 36” Wide x 35 High”.

Shipping information: The dog house is shipped in 2 boxes.

1st box: 44"x 27"x 7" 57 lbs

2nd box: 44"x 27"x 6" 51 lbs

Some help with other considerations.

Need some help with the dog house site preparation in your backyard? If you need it go to this page for some tips on preparing the area where the home will be placed.

Not sure how big the house should be? No worries go to this page for tips on how to selection the right size so you are not disappointed when it arrives.

Along with the extra large dog house you may want to consider a soft and comfortable orthopedic bed for their comfort, these are especially helpful if your dog is starting to get older. The bed that features memory foam is ideal because it will not clump up and is easy on their joints.

Please Note: This cedar dog house does not come with a door flap, featured here is universal one recommended from Amazon that is installed on the inside of the door opening. (click on image).  

Why western red cedar for building the doghouse?

It is gorgeous wood – The natural beauty of red cedar features crisp, rich tonal properties and is the preferred wood by many woodworking professionals for all types of designs. Because of the natural oils in the wood it is also resistant to insects and premature rotting.

It plays well with others – Western red cedar is resin and pitch free, meaning it will stain very well and it is readily available in all shapes and sizes. 

It is Eco-Friendly – Unlike some other building products like brick, concrete or other synthetic materials cedar will not generate greenhouse gasses and it is a renewable (if sourced from sustainable managed forests), biodegradable product. 

By using real cedar for this doghouse it actually reduces the amount of Co2 (Greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere. During the growing stages, young cedar trees absorb and hold Co2. This Co2 is maintained even through cutting and manufacturing.

Allowing the trees to grow though out their lifespan and become old, as they begin to age and break down, that previously absorbed Co2 begins to release back out into the air.


Benefits Of Using Western Red Cedar For Outdoor Building Projects