20 Signs You Should Not Get A Dog


Owning a dog requires commitment and forethought 

Not everyone should own a pet especially a pet that requires some time and energy, most dog breeds are going to fall into this category.

If you look at the list below and find that there are several items that describe you then you may want to think twice about getting a dog.

Often people will get a dog for the wrong reason, they are not like our other possessions, and they have feelings, heart and soul and will know when they are loved or being neglected.

So let’s dive into the list and see if you may be better off getting a pet rock.

Do you travel a lot for work or pleasure?

If so you will need to board your dog in a kennel or leave them with someone else, this is going to disrupt your dogs’ routine and they make develop abandonment issues.

Not to mention there are going to be expenses for boarding and may prove too much over time.

It is rare that you can find someone you can trust to look after your dog the same way you would or should be.

Traveling doesn’t make you a bad person you just need to consider what it is doing to your dog every time you leave them.

Are you a smoker?

Like humans dogs are susceptible to second hand smoke, if you are saying well I will only smoke outside that is great but there will still be particles on your clothing and given the sensitivity of smell a dog has this is not going to work well.

Exposure to tobacco smoke may contribute to an increased risk of disease in your dog over time.

Speaking of things that may be irritating…

Do you suffer from allergies?

If you are thinking about getting a pet you may want to find out if you may be allergic to them first, it would be horrible to become attached to a dog only to find that you have to give them up.

It should be simple enough just hang around someone that has the breed you are thinking about getting and see if there is any reaction.

There are also tests you can take to determine if you are allergic, most people that suffer already know what triggers it.

Is a friend recommending you get a dog?

Sometimes friends can be a bit pushy and think they know what is best for us, it happens when they try to play matchmakers and the same holds true for suggesting a dog.

Just because they are thrilled with their dog and think they are the best thing since sliced bread it doesn’t mean it will work out for you.

However, observing your friends interacting with their dogs is a great way to gauge how life would be if you have a dog.

Just refer to this list and be honest with yourself.

Are you a spontaneous person?

If you are the type of person that watches a movie and it features a cute dog and think wow that would be cool to get a dog and head out the door to get one.


You may want to slow your roll and give it some thought first, are there other spontaneous things that you did in the past that you regret?

Before you answer that consult this list!


Oh puppies are so cute!

This one could also fall under the spontaneous category; remember no matter how cute the puppy is they will grow up to be an adult dog!

So some research needs to be done regarding the breed of the puppy and followed up by some due diligence about providing care for the adult dog it is going to grow into.

Dog Exercise

Are you a work alcoholic?

If you are spending long hours each day because your career demands it, then it may not be a good idea to get a dog, because they will be alone those long hours.

It is not your fault if you are pursuing a career and it demands long hours, the question is after a long day at work will you have the energy to take your dog for a walk?

More than likely you would rather someone else give you some attention instead, like a foot rub?

Do you take too much pride in your vehicle?

If you have a vehicle that you are in love with and if you don’t like other people in it then you more than likely you will not want a dog in it either.

I know an individual that doesn’t even want me to breath in his expensive euro car let alone allow a dog inside.

No matter how cute the dog more than likely they will leave traces of their presence in your car, nose marks on the window, hair on the seats, paw prints when the weather is not cooperating.

Like your vehicle do you freak out with a messy house?

If you treat your house the same way you treat your vehicle then you may want think carefully about getting a dog.

Being a neat doesn’t make you a bad person and there are neat people that own dogs you just may want to consider what breed first.

There are several breeds that do not shed a lot and are actually neat dogs themselves, by contrast there are breeds that will slobber all over the place and shed like crazy.

Will still love them!

Speaking of the house…

Is your house real small?

This one is not a deal breaker just because you have a small house or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t provide a wonderful home for the right dog.

You just need to be aware of the size requirements; this is where the expression a bull in a china closet may come into play.

Speaking of apartments…

Are you renting and dogs are not allowed?

If you reside in housing that does not allow dogs then you are better off not getting a dog because if you have to play hide and seek with your landlord all the time it could be very stressful.

Not to mention if you get caught and have to get rid of your dog, that is not fair to you or the dog, especially if both of you have becomes attached to one another.

Do you live on a tight budget?

This one is huge because owning a dog requires financial responsibility and not just for food, there are going to be routine veterinarian visits.

Even if your dog is young and in great shape, they will require routine dental care, yearly vaccinations, depending on the breed they may require specialty care like anal gland expressions and more.

If you are barely getting by caring for your own household then it may not be a good idea to take on the financial burden of a pet.

It is not good for you because of additional stress and may prove unhealthy for the dog and you.


Are you a couch potato?

Are you the type of person that wants to hit the couch as soon as you get home from work or spend the weekend binge watching movies?

If so then you certainly would not be a candidate for a high energy dog, so smaller breeds could get attention and some exercise indoors as long as you are not put off by their need for attention.

There are breeds that require daily walks especially if they are high energy dogs like a Jack Russell and they are not the only ones there are several breeds that will need to burn off some energy each day.

If you are lazy these breeds are going to drive you crazy because they will demand interaction and if they do not get it they may act out.

This leads into the next item on the list…

Are you the type that likes to sleep in late?

Speaking from experience this is not going to work very well especially with certain breeds if you are not out of bed in a given time they are going to be in your face!

Closing the door to isolate them may lead to excessive barking so either way you are going to have to get up.

You want a “guard dog”

This is not a good reason for getting a dog, they may be the best guard available but they still require a lot of the things listed here.

If you want to get a dog to provide a caring and loving home for them and they happen to be good at guarding your family that is a win win.

There are thousands of homes that have dogs that are excellent that guarding their domain but that may not be the primary reason they are there.

Dog Vet Care

You have no idea about the healthcare of a dog

This one may not be a deal breaker because you can learn about the healthcare needs of a dog but you will be required to put in the time and money to keep them healthy.

This means more than just the routine visits to the vet the dog will require grooming, bathing, toe nail trimming and more.

Hmmm this sounds familiar perhaps personal hygiene comes to mind, you need it and so will your dog.

You think it is okay to leave a dog in the backyard unattended all the time

If you are of the mindset that you can get a dog toss them in the backyard and all is great with the world then do the world and the dog a favor and don’t.

Dogs that are unattended and neglected have a tendency to bark for attention or destroy everything around them out of frustration.

You think it is fine giving a dog table scraps

This one falls under the healthcare category as well but needs to be addressed because dogs do not do well when we feed them from the table.

Their digestive systems are different from ours so feeding them foods that we eat may not be any healthier than if we ate what alligators do.

This is even more important now than ever because of all the processed foods on the shelves that are being consumed by humans daily.

You have a difficult time committing to anything

If you are the type of person that has a hard time committing to anything then owning any type of pet may not be a good idea especially a dog.

Dogs require commitment period!

Some more than others but they all require our attention to some degree and if you can’t commit then a different hobby may be a good idea.

You have several children in the house

This one again is not a deal breaker in fact children may be wonderful for the dog and the dog for the children or child.

The most important consideration is to match the dog to the household, if there are children with special needs then extra care needs to be considered when selecting the breed.

If the kids are a rowdy bunch then they need to be matched to a dog that likes to play and be active.

A final thought about 20 Signs You Should Not Get A Dog

If you find a lot of things on this list that may pertain to you it doesn’t mean you a bad person it just means you may not be right for providing a loving environment for a dog.

But as life goes things change and you may find there is a time when a dog is an excellent fit.

Signs that you SHOULD get a dog

If you are the type of person that is not self centered and loves sharing, giving to others and wants to experience:

Unconditional love.

A look from eyes that will melt your heart.

A tail wagging so hard when they see you it could knock over a chair.

The idea a dog is not just a “dog” but rather a family member.

These and so much more then you need to get in the car now and visit a shelter and provide a loving home for someone special.

The rewards will be off the charts.

Family Dog