Best Insulation Dog House Kit

Best Insulation Dog House Kit

Dog house insulation information

When the word best is used it implies high quality or top notch in whatever category that is being discussed.

However in the case of the best insulation dog house kit the idea of best needs to take into consideration the dog owners’ situation and climate.

As an example if an owner resides in a mild climate there is no need for insulation with an ultra high R rating.

On the other hand if a person resides in a climate that experiences extreme temperature swings throughout the year then a high quality insulation option is very important.

Another factor is where the house will be positioned, if it is in the shade or a protected area then that also needs to be factored in.

Looking at insulation options for a dog house

You can build the house yourself if you have the right skill set and are handy with power tools also assuming you have the right tools.

If that is the case you can use almost any insulation option from the selection at your local home improvement store.

This will include the fiberglass insulation or the radiant barrier thin insulation which would be ideal if it were placed between an inner and outer wall of the doghouse.

Of course the high tech insulation is the expensive option; usually a fiberglass option will be the most affordable but may not be as easy to work with.

A double reflective type will be easy to work with because it will easily wrap around corners and get into thin tight spots.

Dog House Insulation

Another option you have is to order a dog house kit with the insulation option that is already included or can be purchased as an option.

Quality insulation products over quantity. 

The builders of these homes will use the very best insulation because it will need to be lightweight (because of shipping).

Yet have an excellent R rating to keep your pet cool during the hot summer months and comfortable during the extreme cold.

In addition to the insulation option these homes are well thought out and designed so there are no gaps that will allow unwanted air flow through the house.

Combined with an insulation system you have a house that is comfortable for your pet all year long.

One final option that will make the insulation option even more efficient is a solid door for the entry way and a climate control unit that regulates the temperature inside the dog house for the ultimate environment for your pet.

Considerations when you are investing in a pre-made house or kit:

Are the walls and roof insulated and is there a vented ridge cap to allow air to escape so your dog doesn’t over heat or have moisture build up during winter?

Is the entire house raised off the ground so air can flow and the house will not get as cold from a frozen surface?

With some forethought and information you can make the right decision that will keep your best friend as comfortable as possible.

Other dog house insulation considerations:

Is the insulation sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of the wall and compressed down? This is not good it needs to be thick and allow the maximum depth to trap the air from the outside whether it is hot or cold.

Is the product free of CFC?

Chlorofluorocarbon or CFC is described as: any of a class of compounds of carbon, hydrogen, chlorine, and fluorine, typically gases used in refrigerants and aerosol propellants.

They are harmful to the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere owing to the release of chlorine atoms upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

This product is often used in some insulation applications and is not recommended for pets. Browse this insulated dog house to learn more!