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  • Combination big dog house and kennel for your dog

This dog house kit is ideal for the owner that wants their dog to be able to be outdoors but not on a chain or with the fear of the dog running away. 

This unique dog house kennel combination allows your dog to engage with the outside world without being in danger if running away or dealing with the elements.

The covered outdoor area will protect your dog during rain or from the heat of the direct sunlight, the perfect solution for a year round shelter.

  • Dog House Features

4' x 4' Covered Kennel area, attached to a

4' x 4' Enclosed shelter area (which does not have a separate chain link "cage" like our 8 x 10 kits)

Interior Floor Dimensions:  48" wide and 96" deep.

Interior height to gabled peak: 60".

Doggie Door Opening: 11" x 18".

Small People/Adult Door: 24" wide x 46.5" high.

Exterior Dimensions:  49.5" wide, facing doggie door side, 96.5" deep; Height 73" (not including 4"x4" skids); Sidewall is 41" high.

Notes: Approximately a 3-4" overhang. We recommend a crushed stone base that extends at least 1" around all sides. Two 4" x 4" skids are included to set unit on top of the crushed stone base.

  • Standard features include:

- Composite decking floor (you choose cedar, redwood, or weathered wood colored finish, see menu selection).

- Quality chain link fencing.

- High quality siding and trim -- Constructed with LP Smartside*, which includes a 5 year replacement/50 year limited warranty.

*LP Smartside is a quality wood based product, treated to resist rot, termites, and mold. Smartside is considered to be a "green" building material, because it is a renewable resource having a low environmental impact.

This panelized kit will come with a link to a full color downloadable online manual for use in assembling.

  • Not Included items, which customer must purchase:  Shingles, drip edge, and paint, if you want to customize to your taste. (image shown is for suggestion)

How to buy a dog house online.

Understanding how a dog house kit works.

Your dog house design options.

Considering a dog house insulation option.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About The Dog House Kennel Combination:

Question: How is the house shipped to my house?

Answer: Since the kennel system is so large it has to be constructed in panels and then assembled when it reaches its new home. All the panels are secured on a shipping pallet, then covered and then transported by a freight truck. 

Which makes the free shipping feature a big deal since these dog house kennels are too large to ship by standard UPS or FedEx. Consider that on average the freight charge to ship these houses is $400 to $600.00 minimum.

Question: Can I have special custom work done before purchasing?

Answer: Yes we have done custom work for dog owners over the years and in almost all cases we have been able to fulfill the request, as long as it doesn’t require a complete redesign. Just call or email us with your request and we can give you a quote.

Question: Can I have the dog house insulated?

Answer: Absolutely there is an option for insulation just email or call us and we will give you a quote, also you have several different flooring options for the outside kennel area at no extra charge.

Question: Is there an air condition heater unit that will work with this dog house kennel?

Answer: Yes, however it has to be our larger climate control unit because of the extra square footage over our regular dog houses.

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