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Dog Food Online Ordering

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 24th Nov 2020

What to look for in a dog food home delivery service. First let’s start by explaining the different types of dog food delivery services. You can setup a monthly or weekly delivery at … read more

Wooden Dog House | 13 Types of Wood You Can Use

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 23rd Nov 2020

Types of wood for building a dog house Since there is no such thing as an “exclusive” type of wood used for building a dog house, theoretically you could build it from any type of wood … read more

Do It Yourself Dog House Options [Dog House Plans]

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 13th Oct 2020

The DIY dog house project When it is time to invest in a new dog house you do have options besides your local big box store. You can opt to look online at the different websites that special … read more

Dog House For A Great Dane

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 15th Sep 2020

Dog Houses For The Large Breed Dogs The title mentions Great Danes but this is about an extra large dog house for a Great Dane and other dog breeds that are the same size. … read more

Best Dog Houses For Cold Weather

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 24th Aug 2020

Provide shelter for your dog in winter When you are looking for the best dog houses for cold weather you need to look at an insulation option! Plastic is not a good material to protect agai … read more