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Dog House For A Great Dane

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 15th Sep 2020

Dog Houses For The Large Breed Dogs The title mentions Great Danes but this is about an extra large dog house for a Great Dane and other dog breeds that are the same size. An example of extr … read more

Best Dog Houses For Cold Weather

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 24th Aug 2020

Provide shelter for your dog in winter When you are looking for the best dog houses for cold weather you need to look at an insulation option! Plastic is not a good material to protect agai … read more

Older Dogs Health Problems

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 4th Aug 2020

The health issues of older dogs We may struggle with the idea of our pets getting older and as they do their needs will change. In turn we must learn to adapt to their changes so we can enjoy t … read more

The Different Types Of Dog Houses

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 30th Jul 2020

Dog House Ideas & Designs The dog house is offered in many different styles, designs and different features depending on the wants and needs of the dog owner and their pet. Before investi … read more

Climate Controlled Dog Houses & The Benefits

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 15th Jun 2020

Dog house heating cooling The advantage of investing in a  dog house heating cooling system is you will be able to provide year round comfort for your dog. Depending w … read more