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Train Your Dog To Ring A Potty Bell

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 9th Mar 2021

Help your dog tell you when it is time to go Remember the television show where the butler shows up and says "you rang sir" after having heard a bell ring? Well this is not like … read more

Which Dog Breed Is Right For Me?

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 1st Feb 2021

Making the right choice when deciding on a dog There may be several reasons for getting a dog and if you are familiar with dog breeds then it is often an easy decision. Maybe you … read more

International Dog Breeds

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 19th Jan 2021

Interesting tidbits about different breeds. No matter the breed our dogs are supposedly direct descendants of the wolf. It has been proven that dogs do see color, just not as c … read more

Dog Food Online Ordering

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 24th Nov 2020

What to look for in a dog food home delivery service. As a dog owner who really cares about the food, we give our dogs it can be a daunting task to find the right product rather t … read more