A Dog House Off The Ground | Why It Is Important

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 14th Mar 2018

A Dog House Off The Ground

Preparing the area for a dog house

When you invest in a new dog house it is wise to take into consideration where the dog house is going to be placed in your backyard.

Other considerations are often taken care before you even make the purchase.

One of those is getting a dog house that has the ability to be elevated off the ground.

An elevated dog house has several advantages.

The main advantage of having your dog house raised off the ground is to prevent the floor from premature decaying because it is in direct contact with the soil.

If you are lucky enough to have a concrete or cider block pad under your dog then that is not a major concern. 

However it is still a better idea to have raised feet so air can flow underneath the dog house, this is important during the hot summer months.

During the extreme cold of winter the ground will freeze and it is better to have the floor off the ground, the air needs to be able to circulate under the house to keep it dry.

Another consideration is if you have the dog house placed on your wooden deck it will not get damaged or rot from moisture buildup under the dog house.

The disadvantages of a dog house that is not off the ground.

They would be the opposite of the advantages mentioned above, no circulation, freezing to the ground, all problems for the doghouse and your dog.

In some cases not having adjustable or raised feet may make it difficult for your dog to gain entry into the house, especially if your dog has long legs.

It may be rare but water drainage could also create a problem, if the area is sloped improperly the doghouse could take on water.

The bottom line is when you place your dog house take into consideration some of the factors that may affect the house over time and your dog.

For more detailed information about your dog house placement  go to this page.