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Posted by Steven Barnhart on 1st Aug 2019

Compare Dog Houses

Dog House Comparison.

The first order of business is to make something clear, there is no such thing as best dog houses but rather what is the best for you and your pet.

If that were the case then there would only be one high end model and no need for the rest.

However given all the different breeds, climate conditions and more there are a lot of different scenarios when you compare dog houses.

Another thought when doing a side by side comparison is that more money is not necessary for a quality house.

A dog house that is loaded with features that has no benefit to your dog is not money spent wisely.

Cheap Dog Houses

Cheap does not mean it is not worthy of your dog, the climate where you reside may allow you to invest in a doghouse that is not insulated or may be made with less costly materials. 

On the other hand if you reside in an area that experiences extreme temperature changes throughout the year you may not have the luxury of going cheap.

A final word on cheap, if you own a large or extra large breed dog going cheap may not be a wise move. (see a final thought below).

Dog Houses Online

Buying a dog house online gives you more selection because most big box stores will not have the floor space to accommodate all the different models and sizes.

In many cases you are eliminating additional shipping cost from manufacturer to the retail store, plus cost of retail (employees etc) which will generally mean more dog house for your money.

Additionally shopping online allows you to analyze a lot of dog houses without leaving home.

Red Cedar Dog House

Wooden Dog Houses

Wood is the most common material used to construct a doghouse; it may be plywood, different types of cedar, pine, firwood and many more including hybrid wood composite models.

One thing to consider when selecting a wooden dog house and that is not all wood is created equal, there are numerous different grades of plywood, cedar, when considering cedar the best is a  Western Red Cedar Doghouse.

By contrast a composite dog house is the best of both worlds made of wooden by products with a touch of modern technology.

Indoor Dog House

This type of house is usually designed with the smaller to medium breeds in mind because they usually live in the house. 

These models are offered in a variety of styles, some that will match your furniture so the  indoor dog house blends into your décor, also these homes may be soft and portable.

Big Dog Houses

Dog houses for large dogs are engineered for the extra large breeds like the Great Dane or Saint Bernard to name a few. 

Besides a large food bill extra large breeds require a lot of space to stretch out and relax so they are going to need selections from the  extra large dog houses

Due to their sheer size and weight they can wreak havoc on the cheaper dog houses, because the materials used may be softer woods or not support a heavier dog enough.

Some of the big dogs don't just lie down, they lie down with a thud!

Designer Dog Houses

These dog houses are designed for the owner that wants the very best for their pet, which may include a kennel with an enclosure option. 

These models offer your dog the best of both worlds by being able to engage in the outdoors while having a place to seek shelter in extreme weather.

These dwellings may have additional options included like an insulation package, or be coupled with a climate control unit for heating and cooling.

A Final Thought.

When you compare dog houses make sure to take into consideration your dogs breed, your climate year round and where it will be located on your property.

Also make sure you are comparing apples to apples, there are so called review pages on the internet that claim the "best dog houses" but upon close examination there is no way they are!

Your 120 pound+ Great Pyrenees mountain dog or other large breed dog is going to destroy a cheap dog house in short order. 

There is a reason why one large dog house is $99.00 and another large dog house is $799.00 or more, because the materials used to build them is totally different.

This is where the old adage comes into play, " you get what you pay for."