Composite Dog Houses | Engineered Wood Dog House

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 19th Jun 2019

Composite Dog Houses

An eco-friendly dog house solution

If how we treat our planet is important to you and you need a new dog house then you may want to consider an engineered wood dog house or otherwise referred to as composite dog houses.

These dog houses are of a classic design and feature modern materials to create the world's best insulated, most weather resistant, and most comfortable home for your dog.

At the core of these designs is a unique U.S.-made engineered wood product with a simulated rough-sawn cedar finish.

This engineered wood is designed for superior strength and structural integrity; it is also moisture, rot, scratch, dent, and insect resistance.

These dog houses will resist warping, cracking and splitting better than most other wooden dog houses.

The engineered woods are also environmentally-friendly since they can be made with second-growth, smaller-diameter trees as well as material left over from the cutting of dimensional lumber, thereby utilizing material that would otherwise be wasted.

What to expect in a composite dog house kit

The composite dog house kits are composed of 7 pre-assembled panels (floor, 4 walls, and 2 roof panels) and feature all the necessary screws and instructions for easy assembly.

All that is required of you is a power screwdriver and about 5-10 minutes of your time, give or take if there is a coffee break during the process.

You can also be assured the materials used are safe for your pet.

It is a fact a large number of dog houses on the market today are made in China where safety standards have recently come under question.

It is important to know how the materials used to build a dog house are treated, are harsh chemicals used that could be harmful to your pet?

This can be a serious problem if you have a dog that likes to chew everything in sight.

Composite Dog House Strength Test

What are some of the unique benefits of a composite dog house?

The PanelAbode™ technology.

The foundation of these unique composite dog houses is the patent-pending PanelAbode™ Laminated Engineered Panel System.

It features engineered wood panels embossed with an ultra-durable finish that closely resembles rough-sawn cedar.

Our engineered wood panels are extremely resistant to moisture and insects, and are stronger and more scratch and dent proof, and far less likely to warp and/or crack than other woods.

Also if it matters these dog houses are made in the USA.

True Thick Foam Insulation.

These insulated houses feature true foam insulation, the same type of insulation that is commonly used to insulate basements in residual homes.

It is CFC-free, insulation layer is thick, up to 1 1/2 inches, most other houses use a variety of insulation materials, most use only 1/4 to 3/4 inches of insulation.

Even when combined with a reflective layer, this thin insulation does not protect nearly as well as the thick insulation layer used in these composite dog houses.

Moreover, this thicker insulation provides better noise reduction so sounds will not disturb your dog.

Patent-pending Slide-Lock™ removable roof system.

These homes feature a roof that can be removed in seconds without the use of any tools!

The patent-pending Slide-Lock™ removable roof panels provide easy access for cleaning and puppy observation if needed.

Many so called "removable" roof systems require you to unscrew the ridge cap and roof panels with a screwdriver before you can remove them!

That type of roof system can hardly be called easy removal.

Furniture-Grade Mahogany Liner.

To protect the insulation layer of these doghouses, they feature a 1/4" layer of furniture-grade mahogany.

This material forms the liner inside of the insulated dog houses; typically most other homes feature only a thin 1/8" liner.

Attention to the Small Details

The floors (base) and roof panels are framed with select-grade spruce lumber.

A thick latex coating seals the entire base to protect it from moisture providing superior protection as compared to treated lumber.

Raised nylon feet are provided to protect this coating and to ensure your dog house does not scratch the surface of your deck.

They also provide air circulation under your house.

This dog house arrives at your home completely pre-finished ready for assembly and use.

Most other dog houses may require staining or the application of a water sealant to protect them from the elements.

Our popular Climate Master™ Series insulated dog houses were designed for maximum pet comfort.