Creating The Ideal Space For Your Dog’s New Dog House

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 9th Jan 2017

Creating The Ideal Space For Your Dog’s House

Laying down a good foundation.

When it comes to real estate a common phrase often used is location, location, location when it comes to the ideal proper placement for your new dog house it is foundation, foundation, foundation.

There are numerous things you can do to prepare an ideal space for your dog in your backyard, including preparing a proper space for their dog house. 

The first item of business is to get the house off the bare ground; by decoupling it from the dirt it will be easier to keep it cleaner, cooler, and warmer.

The raised part is self explanatory, by having the house off of frozen winter soil will make it easier to keep it warmer during the winter months.

If you live in an extreme hot climate having the house elevated off the ground will allow air to flow under the house.

The ideal solution for your dog house placement.

If your budget is not an obstacle then the ideal foundation for your pet’s home would be a concrete slab, just make sure it is smooth so they do not get sore pads. 

Also it is wise to make sure there is enough slope for water runoff.

If you need a less costly solution you can use patio type pavers to create a foundation, they can be laid together tightly and use the specialty sand from your local home improvement store to fill the space in-between each paver.

Another cheap way to provide a foundation is to use some type of gravel; however it needs to be small like pea gravel so it doesn’t injure your dog’s paws.

If your pet is going to be secured to the house it would be wise not to have the gravel extend beyond the house, pet waste in the gravel if not properly cleaned can cause sanitation issues and harbor disease.

Finally another option is to use wood and build a framed platform, however it is very important that if the wood is treated that the solution is non toxic to your dog in case they like to chew.