Do It Yourself Dog House Options [Dog House Plans]

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 13th Oct 2020

Do It Yourself Dog House Options

The DIY dog house project

When it is time to invest in a new dog house you do have options besides your local big box store.

You can opt to look online at the different websites that specialize in dog houses.

Yet another option is to pay someone to build a dog house for you and you supply the materials.

Finally you have the option of building a dog house yourself that is what we are going to cover here.

Taking on a new dog house project.

If you need a new dog house and have some mad DIY skills there is no reason you can’t create a safe and comfortable home for your dog.

The first place to start is with the planning stage, you are going to have to make some decisions before breaking out the power tools.

What type of dog house should you build?

This decision is going to require figuring out the material and style of the new home. 

Is it going to be a gable type house, a slanted roof or often referred to as sloped roof?

Will it be for one dog or do you have an entire tribe of dogs that will be using it?

If so then you need to think extra large and what type would be best for more than one dog.

For help with your dog house design options refer to  dog houses 101 6 design options for dog houses.

Consider the type of wood you will use for the project

Will you build it using cedar, plywood or other types of wood?

There are several options when it comes to deciding on a particular material to use, if you want to use wood consider cedar. 

It is one of the best for not decaying and it is naturally resistant to insects.

For more help with the different types of wood you can use go to  wooden dog house 13 types of wood you can use.

If you reside in a climate that has rational temperature changes throughout the year you may want to consider adding an insulation option.

Like your home a dog house will require the right R value, there are several different options you can choose from.

The best place to start is at your home improvement store to see what options they offer.

How big does the dog house need to be?

Oh boy this is one thing you do not want to get wrong, too small and your dog will be uncomfortable if they even use it.

Build it too large and the space will be difficult to keep warm in the cold winter months.

The dimensions will more than likely be determined by the breed of your dog, if you are starting out with a new puppy you will need to research the potential size your dog may grow into.

For more help refer to  a guide for choosing the right size dog house.

Do you have the right tools and skill to build a dog house?

This is where you may have to leave your ego at the door and be honest with yourself; because not only will you need the right skill set you will also need the right tools for the project.

The right tools may require more than a simple hand saw and a hammer, ideally you would want a skill saw, measuring tape, level, square, saw horses (ideal but not necessary) and of course a hammer or nail gun.

That being said having access to the right tools is only half the battle you will also need to know how to use the required tools properly.

If you have difficulty figuring out fractions or cutting angles it is nothing to be embarrassed about there are a plethora of YouTube videos that can help if you have the time. 

Plan your work - work your plan

Unless you are a journeymen level carpenter it may be a good idea to invest in a set of  dog house plans before wasting a lot of time and materials.

A good set of plans will be your road map to a project well done, it will save you a lot of time because there will more than likely be a materials and cut list.

This list is handy because it will lay out exactly what you will need in terms of lumber, so you will know your lumber requirements before heading to your local home improvement store.

This can be a time saver so you are not running back and forth to the lumber yard, with a complete lumber required list it is a one and done trip.

If all else fails....

There is no shame in trying to build and failing, if it goes sideways there is light at the end of the tunnel you can always invest in a dog house kit that will show up at your front door.

Then all you have to do is assemble the kit using basic tools and a few moments out of your day.

Voila problem solved your buddy has a new home!

Here are a few options for you to consider if building the dog house is not in your wheel house.