Dog House With A Hinged Roof Versus Removable Roof

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 27th Jun 2019

Dog House With A Hinged Roof Versus Removable Roof

Which roof system is best for your needs?

Neither one of these systems are necessarily good or bad for your dog they are designed for the benefit of the dog owner, they are engineered so you can gain access for quick cleaning or inspection of your dog.

Not all systems are created equal, just because the roof system is called “removable” doesn’t mean it is going to be a slam dunk to remove it.

Ideally the roof should be removable without the need for any tools, if you have to break out your screwdriver to remove screws every time you need access in the dog house that is not ideal.

That being said the roof removal system must be engineered so that the roof is secure in all types of weather and especially strong wind.

When it is time to invest in a dog house which system you decide on should be determined by your needs, you may not even need a hinged or removable roof at all.

Some reasons why you may want to consider a hinged or removable roof dog house:

You have a female dog that may have pups in the future.

You are caring for an elderly dog that needs special attention and often.

Your dog has a history of getting into all kinds of mess and will likely take it into the dog house.

Of course the most obvious reason is for easy cleaning.

The benefits of a hinged roof dog house system

The main benefit to a hinged system is very obvious; it is fast and easy to gain access to the interior of the dog house.

The hinged system is usually a feature of a slanted or sloped dog house which usually means that it is less expensive than a gable style roof.

The slight downside is that the hinged side of the house will not be as accessible because the roof will be in the way.

The benefits of a removable roof dog house system

The main benefit of a completely removable roof system is you will have complete access around the house because the roof system will be completely out of the way. (see image below)

Another advantage of this type of roof is they are usually featured on gable style dog houses which are the most common and structurally solid.

The gable system also allows more head room which can be important if you own a large breed dog.

Final thoughts about a hinged or removal roof on a dog house

There are advantages to both systems however, the bottom line is they both serve the same purpose and that is to gain access inside the dog house.

Which system you decide if any will be more than likely your preference and the needs of your dog now or in the future.

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