Dog Training Basics - Some Things You Need To Know

Posted by Imad LB on 10th May 2021

Dog Training Basics - Some Things You Need To Know

Dog Training Basics

After you have purchased the basic dog training equipment and have learned how to use them, the next things you should know are the best venues for your dog training sessions and for how long should each session last.

Well, for starters, there are a lot of possible answers to these matters. 

Here are some basic suggestions to get the best out of your dog training sessions, especially if you own a hard-to-train dog:

Where Should You Train Your Dog?

Dogs perform best if you start training them in an area they are thoroughly familiar with.

Quiet areas that present the minimum of distractions can be the ideal training ground for your dog, especially during the initial phases of your dog training attempts. 

Other dogs and humans alike can be considered as major distractions, so it would be better to choose a spot where you and your dog are the only moving, breathing individuals.

It would be ideal if you have a nice yard where you can start your dog training lessons. 

However, if you are an average property-deprived individual, dog training sessions can be done elsewhere - in the street (provided that there is only a low level of traffic), in the park (be sure to choose a quiet, secluded spot) or even in your garage! All it needs is a little creativity and determination to make your dog the best companion ever!

If your dog has been consistently obeying your commands, it would then be high time for you to take him (or her) out of this comfort zone - it would be time to introduce him (or her) to the next level of your dog training lessons. 

You can now take him (or her) to places where there are a lot of distractions.

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How Often Should You Train Your Dog?

A lot of dog owners fail to understand that training is not limited to your scheduled dog training sessions. 

Every time you interact with your dog, you are in fact training him (or her) especially if you are setting the acceptable limits of his (or her) behavior and making him (or her) stay within these preset boundaries.

Once you decided to start training your dog, you should make this one of your priority obligations.

Dog training is a commitment - it should not be taken lightly if you really want to turn your dog into that perfect companion you have long dreamed of.

At the start of your dog training sessions, commit to spending at least 5 days of the week training your dog.

To get the best results, make sure that each session lasts for about 10 to 20 minutes. Hey, it may seem much but don’t fret! 

This should only last for about 6 to 8 weeks - the critical period when the learning curve of your dog would be climbing steeply.

Anything less than this would only guarantee your failure in your dog training efforts so does not do things halfheartedly.

After this initial period, you can reduce your dog training sessions two to three times each week with sessions lasting for a mere 10 to 15 minutes each. 

This will work especially well in turning your hard-to-train dog into a calmer and more enjoyable companion!

Set your dog training goals before you start

What do you want to accomplish with the training program?

Do you want just basic commands like sit and stay or do you want next level training that will teach your dog next level commands?

It is a good idea to have some level of expectation before you start any training program so you will have a bench mark for success.

Not all dogs or owners are the same so it is important to figure out your own unique style and what you desire for your dog.