Free Dog House Plans | DIY Dog House Projects

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 13th Apr 2021

Dog House Plans

Dog house ideas for the DIY.

If you have some mad DIY skills and the proper tools you can build a dog house if you start with the right dog house plans presented here are several options.

You can follow the link for free dog house plans, get a professional set of blueprints and finally invest in a dog house kit that is delivered to your front door.

If you are the do it yourself type and need a new dog house then  browse this page for free dog house plans

There are several options and depending on the type of dog you have there is sure to be a home that will suit your needs.

There may be some ideas that will stir your imagination and you can create your own unique design.

A dog house that will keep your pet safe and comfortable through the entire year. 

Do some planning before building the doghouse.

Some key elements to remember is to make sure you build it large enough, you can always add blankets to take up extra space rather than have it too cramped for your dog. 

Also if you can it is wise to insulate the home because it will keep your dog cool during the summer months and warm during the harsh winter months. 

Finally if possible elevate it from the ground because it will ensure the home lasts a long time and not rot from making contact with the ground.

Build your own dog house or invest in one already made?

Of course we would love it if you invested in a doghouse from our store but we completely understand that not everyone wants to purchase.

But would rather build their own, we get that, the most important thing is that your dog is comfortable and safe. 

If the idea of building your own doghouse is not appealing then  browse this page for dog house kits that are delivered to your front door.

Why are dog house plans even needed?

Probably the most important reason for having a set of  dog house plans is they provide some form of guidance.

Think of them as a GPS system, which gets you to a destination you have never been to without complications or getting lost, which when building something usually means costing more money.

When you fly a major airline they have a navigator who makes sure the pilot remains on course and gets you to your destination.

Dog house plans are your navigator for building a solid dog house.

One very important element of most dog house plans is the lumber cut list it will show you the exact length and width of the wood needed to construct the dog properly.

What are the advantages of having dog house plans?

The first thing that comes to mind as an advantage is a materials list.

You will know exactly what you will need in terms of lumber before you start your project.

This will save you multiple trips to your home improvement store and in this case time is money.

The next item on the list is your cut list, in other words you will know exactly all the lengths and width of all the lumber needed.

Finally dog house plans will give you a step by step in the assembly process once you have all the materials needed.

Are there preparations necessary for the dog house project before getting plans?

There are several elements that need to be addressed before you even get plans or start your dog house project.

You have to figure out the size of your doghouse, this will be determined by the dog breed size, and in some cases this is easy.

If you have an extra large breed like a Great Dane, Saint Bernard or similar then it is no guessing game you will need extra large dog house plans.

However there are some breeds that are a bit tricky and may fall in-between a medium or large category.

If this is the case then you need to error to the larger size because once the house is built there is no turning back.

Think of it this way would you want to sleep in a bed every night that is too short?

Probably not!

Are there any guidelines to determine the proper dog house size?

If you invest in dog house plans more than likely there will be specifications for several different sizes not just one.

For detailed information about selecting the proper size dog house browse this in-depth article.

It will provide you with tips and insights when it comes to determining dog house size.

A final word about building a dog house.

So to recap some of the key areas to consider before building a dog house:

* Most important item on the list is the size, too small and your dog is uncomfortable, too large and it will be hard to keep warm during the cold months.

* Know your dog, do they like to chew everything in sight? If so a soft wooden dog house may not be a good option, there are a plethora of woods to choose from.

* What is your climate like? If you experience radical temperature changes especially during winter you may want to consider an insulation option.

* Do you have the skill set and the right tools for the job and will you need a professional set of dog house blueprints?

* Finally where is the house going to be located? Placing the house in a protected area from wind or direct sunshine is ideal.