Giant Breed Dog House

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 5th Aug 2019

Giant Size Dog Houses

Dog houses for the big boys

When we speak in terms of dog house size, it usually is broken down by small, medium, large and extra large. 

But sometimes even  extra large dog houses are not big enough that is when we need giant size dog houses .

The colossal breeds demand a huge area to spread out and relax this is going to mean large areas of real estate. 

A dog that is over 120 pounds and stands at approximately 30 inches tall needs a monster house.

A typical off the shelf dog house at a big box store is not likely going to work, these giant breed dogs needs something much bigger.

Which breeds are considered giant?

There are several enormous breed dogs here is just a sample of the long list for you to gain perspective:

Saint Bernard (average weight 140-260 pounds)

Newfoundland (average weight 130-150 pounds)

Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog (average weight 110-120 pounds)

Bull Mastiff (average weight 130-150 pounds)

Irish Wolfhound (average weight 140-180 pounds)

Leonberger (average weight 100-160 pounds)

Black Russian Terrier (average weight 100-150 pounds)

Great Dane (average weight 120-200 pounds)

Scottish Deerhound (average weight 85-110 pounds)

Neapolitan Mastiff (average weight 130-150 pounds)

The list above is the average weight of the male dog, the female will usually weigh less.

These are just 10 of the mammoth size dogs most of these dogs would never fit inside an average dog house.

Not only do they need a much larger dog house but also one that is well built, a dog of this size will completely destroy a thin wall, soft wood doghouse.

So what constitutes a giant dog house?

More than likely these  giant dog houses are going to be in a league of their own, they are not going to be on a shelf in a big box store.

Since they are going to be of enormous size their price tag is not going to be petite. 

Luckily there are several versions so there may one for every over sized dog.

Most dog houses show specifications in terms of inches when they are describing the dimensions of a typical dog house, as an example 44” deep x 42” wide x 32” tall.

In the case of a giant dog house those same dimensions are more than likely going to be presented in feet instead of inches.

As an example it may be listed as an 8' x 10', a house of this size will accommodate any giant size dog. 

Why a giant breed dog house?

Like all other dogs that need enter, turn around, lay down and exit a dog house with ease, so do the larger dogs they just need more room to do it with comfort.

Not only will the giant breeds need more square footage they will also need a larger entry way.

Even though most dogs like to dip when they enter an opening this opening needs to be much larger.

Another important consideration given the sheer weight of the over sized dogs they will wreak havoc on a cheap weak sided dog house.

So unless you want to be replacing the house every year it may be wise to invest in a solid well built dog house. 

A giant dog house requires a solid foundation

It is usually a good idea to provide a solid foundation for any large size dog house, the ideal material would be a concrete slab.

If the budget or the circumstance doesn't allow for a concrete slab the next best scenario would be patio pavers, cider blocks that are lowered in the ground or some type of gavel, as long as it is something that will not damage paws.

Finally if nothing else works at least some pressure treated 4x4's for the house to rest on, it will help against decay because of the contact with the ground and also allow air to flow.

It is not just the dog house that is giant for these breeds.

The owners of these magnificent breeds can tell you there are challenges besides their dwelling; there is also the gigantic food bill.

Everything else in their lives is super sized as well, as an example where do you find a  humongous bed for them to sleep on comfortably?

There is one final word on these big boys and that is they also have big love! 

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