Go Camping With Your Dog

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 10th Jun 2021

Go Camping With Your Dog

Go Camping With Your Dog!

Take your dog to the great outdoors!

Going camping is a lot of fun and if you go camping with your dog is only going to improve on the experience! 

Not sure about that? 

Then just check out these fun camping images with dogs courtesy of 9GAG.com.

Cool shot from the hammock, what is that you say you don't have a hammock? 

Well then go see our friends at  Made In The Shade Hammocks and go hammock camping with your dog!

No dog left behind!

The idea of leaving our dog or dogs behind as we going trekking into the wilderness just doesn’t seem right and I for one would have a hard time doing so.

Of course every situation is different and some dogs may not have a good time or have no desire to be in the great outdoors. 

Some breeds are just meant to be divas that stay home and look marvelous. After all they could (gasp) break a nail!

Other breeds are more durable and will excel at hiking and all the adventures that the wilderness offers.

Camping with your dog requires planning.

Depending on where you are going and for how long will determine the detail of your planning. A short weekend hike in the woods may not require that much planning on your part, some food and water. Done.

However a week in the great outdoors could be a bit more challenging unless you have done it many times and you will already have learned the ropes.

However if you are a first timer you will need to put together a detailed list of items for your dog, taking into consideration  the breed and all the demands required!

There are the no brainer items like food and water, but what about the sleeping arrangement for your dog? If you are going up in elevation will your dog get cold in the mountain evenings?

So there you have a little planning will go a long way to a good time with your dog!

Go Camping With Your Dog