Hiking With Your Dog | Backpacking With Your Dog

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 22nd Feb 2021

Hiking With Your Dog

Taking your dog into the wilderness 

We like to be able to take our dogs with us every where we go but sometimes it is not feasible.

However in most cases when it comes to the outdoors we can take them with us.

Hiking with your dog can be enjoyable with a few precautions.

What is the trail going to be like where you are going?

If the terrain is going to be ugly and you have a dog that doesn’t have conditioned paws you could end up carrying your dog a long ways.

Not funny I witnessed it first hand on a trail when I saw an owner carrying her 30 pound dog.

If you rarely walk your dog on concrete or other hard surfaces it would not be a good idea to take them in rocky terrain.

How long will you be hiking?

Seems simple enough, if you are going to be out for a long period of time your dog like you will need some nutrition.

It does not have to be a lot just something to take off the edge, like us they can get fatigued without proper food for energy.

Even more important than nutrition your dog will need water, just like you no matter the weather they will require some water.

The hotter the weather the more water they will need.

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What is the weather going to be like?

This ties in with the paragraph above, if it is going to be hot out your dog will need water to stay hydrated.

Regardless of the temperature they will need water, but if the temperature is extreme then it becomes critical to the point of life threatening.

Seems like this would be common sense right?

Well to some it may not be the case because I have witnessed dogs with their tongues hanging out from the heat and the owner had no water.

For themselves or their dog!

Is your dog in shape for taking a hike with you?

Again you would think this is common sense but there have been cases where the owner took a dog for a hike that had no business being there.

A casual walk in the park is not the same as a mile long trek in the wilderness.

This is very important if your dog happens to be (gasp) overweight!

Also if your dog is having any type of health issues you need to leave them at home.

Plan the hikes and work the plan

If your dog has never been on any type of a hike it meant be a good idea to start off with short easy hikes and then build up to longer hikes.

Not only is this practice good for your dog but it may be better for you as well, if you are not a seasoned hiker taking off on an extreme hike could prove to be a bad choice.

Another thing to consider is the level of the terrain, is it going to be rocky, woods, meadows or any other type of terrain?

It is a good idea to match the terrian with your ability and the ability of your dog.

Hiking With Your Dog Safety

So there you have it some ideas for hiking or backpacking with your dog, unless your dog is ill, a breed that will not take to the wilderness or really old there is no reason why you can't take your dog with you.