How To Keep A Dog House Cool In The Summer

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 15th Aug 2018

How To Keep A Dog House Cool In The Summer

Helping your dog keep their dog house cool

When summer heats up your outside dog can begin to suffer, this is how to keep a dog house cool in the summer.

One option is to invest in an insulated dog house that will not only keep your dog cool but also warm in winter.

If you already have a dog house and it is not possible to insulate it, then you could consider a  dog house air conditioner.

Yes you read that right there are air conditioners for a dog house!

There are several different options, like a stand alone doghouse cooler or a complete climate control unit like the one featured to the right.

Dog house climate control units

If your budget will allow it a dog house climate control unit is the ultimate way to keep your dog comfortable all year long! (click image bottom of this page for more information)

Not only will they keep your dog cool during the hot summer months, but will also keep them warm in extreme cold.

Ideally you want to have some sort of door system for your dog house to help keep the cool or heat from escaping.

Positioning the dog house for a cooling effect

Another way of keeping your dog cool is positioning their dog house out of the sun if possible.

Especially during the peak summer hours, if feasible a water misting device nearby would help as well.

There are also cooling mats that you can invest in that will help them maintain a healthy body temperature.

If you do not have a dog house that is elevated off the ground you may want to design a platform that will allow the air to flow under the house it will help keep the house cooler.

Another feature that some dog houses offer is a vented roof rather than heat building up inside the dog house it can escape through the roof vent.

Similar systems are common in a residual home that has an attic.

Other options for keeping your dog cool in summer

Consider using a cooling jacket for your dog, if you experience extreme heat a cooling vest will help lower the temperature.

They are also an excellent choice for when you may want to walk your dog, cooling vests will keep them from overheating.

It if course goes without saying that you need to have ample water available for them, like us they need to stay hydrated.

If you have a breed that has thick long hair it will also help to have them trimmed on a regular schedule it will help them keep a little cooler.

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