How To Protect Your Dog During Winter Months

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 25th Oct 2017

Keeping Your Dog Warm In Winter

Provide shelter for your dog in winter

Plastic is not a good material to protect against the cold!

When you are deciding on a new dog house where you reside is very important, extreme temperatures changes can be miserable for your pet.

The type of material the doghouse is constructed with could determine what your pet will experience.

Living in an extreme cold climate the best material is some type of wooden structure and ideally with an  insulation option.

Insulation is like putting a coat on your dog house

Providing your dog with a house that has an insulation option will help with the extreme cold or heat, however not all insulated doghouses are created equal.

Like the home you live in the quality of protection is determined by the R value of the insulation used in construction.

If you are not sure what R value means simply go to YouTube and search for R value meaning in insulation and there will be an abundant of information.

This is where size does matter

The size of the new home is critical; if the dwelling is too small your pet will not only be uncomfortable but will likely be up against a cold wall.

By contrast if the house is too big it will be difficult to heat the space unless you use some type of  heating option which is explained below.

You have a furnace in your house

When you are cold all you have to do is go over to your thermostat and turn it up to the desired temperature to be comfortable your pet should have the same option, so if you reside in extreme cold it might be a good idea to consider a dog house heater.

Location Location is not just for real estate

Finally where you locate the house can be critical as well, if you have a protected area from the winter wind that would be the ideal location for placing the doghouse.