Indoor Dog Gates Or Barriers [Protecting Your Dog Indoors]

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 11th Feb 2019

Indoor Dog Gates Or Barriers | Protecting Your Dog Indoors

There are several benefits to having an indoor dog gate or barrier

There may be times when you need to confine your indoor dog to a particular area in your home and  indoor dog gates may be the answer.

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Perhaps your dog is sick and needs an area to recover in a quiet area that is not open to the rest of the household or maybe other pets.

Another reason if you are going to be doing some chores liking cleaning and don’t want your dog getting in your way while during your household tasks.

There may be sensitive areas in your home where you have fine furniture or other items that you do not want your dog to have access to.

If you are having guests over and don’t want your guests to be bothered by your dog, especially if your dog has a habit of jumping on people.

Speaking of a dog jumping on people, there is a solution for that browse our article  Train A Dog Not To Jump On People.

There are other benefits of using a dog gate

It is better than closing off your dog by shutting them inside a room; this will cut off the air flow through your house which is not good especially during the hot summer months.

A dog gate can also be used as a handy training aide to let your dog know what areas may be off limits to them or heaven forbid they need a time out.

Most dog gates are easily taken down and can be stored away when they are not in use; this is a much better solution than a permanent barrier of some type.

The adjustable indoor dog gates

Since most openings that need a barrier are not created equal it is ideal to have a gate that is adjustable if your home has a variety of different openings that need to be secured.

Some of the areas that may need to be secured are openings that go from one room to another or the bottom of a staircase.

No two openings in your house will be the same so an adjustable indoor gate would be the perfect solution for keeping your dog safe.

Rather than have a fixed gate an adjustable indoor gate will be able to adapt to almost any situation or opening that needs to be secured.

The gates with a walk through feature

If you have a gate in a high traffic area the last thing you want to be doing all day is climbing over the top of it, not only is it tiring be it can be potentially dangerous.

Having a walk through feature will eliminate the hazard of climbing over a gate and is a lot safer especially if there are children in your home.

Most of the gates that fit between two walls or a doorway feature suction cups that will protect your wall surface or door opening from damage.

There are gates that feature a permanent mounting bracket if you know that you are going to be leaving it in a particular area for a long time.

It is a better solution than installing a permanent door that would cut off the rest of the house from an open flow of air or traffic.

Free standing indoor dog gates

Many of the adjustable gates feature some a compression type solution that allows you to secure them between two walls or other surfaces.

However there may be times when you don’t have a surface to work with and a free standing gate would be a better option.

These gates will usually feature support legs that allow the gate to be free standing so they can be placed anywhere in your home with being attached in any way.

A great feature of this solution is they can be moved from one area of your home to another quickly and easily.

The extra wide or extra tall dog gates

These gates may be necessary if you have either a large opening to deal with or a large dog that could easily scale a normal indoor dog gate.

You don’t even want your dog to attempt to get over because they can injure themselves; if the gate is tall enough they will know their limit.

There are also gates that feature a one touch design that allows you to operate with one hand in the event you have items in the other.

Multi function indoor dog gate panels

The purpose of a multi function gate with panels is you can create a secured area by configuring your own solution.

This could include literally making a pen out of the panels so you can confide your dog in a small area inside a particular room.

Don’t want your dog under foot while you are preparing meals but still want them in the kitchen area so you can keep an eye on them?

Then consider the multi function solution.

The multi function solution will allow you to adapt to almost any need or room where you need to provide a safe and secure place for your dog.

The different types of dog gate material

Most gates are going to be engineered with plastic, wood or metal and wood combinations.

If you are environmentally conscious you may want to consider a bamboo option, this is wood that is easily sustainable and friendly for the environment.

If you have a dog that likes to chew everything in sight then it may be a good idea to get a gate with steel construction.

A final word

Almost all the dog gate solutions have their advantages or disadvantages, the first item of business would be to decide how and where it would be used in your home.

Whether it is a single location or if there are going to be different scenarios over time may help decide which type is best for your situation.

Knowing all this will help you narrow down the type that is best for your dog and your household.