The Benefits Of Dog Ownership

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 26th Jul 2019

The Benefits Of Dog Ownership

Benefits Of Dog Ownership

As someone who has two dogs I could go on for hours about all the benefits of dog ownership.

But rather than babble on I thought it would be nice to provide a visual with a video and infographic below.

Besides the obvious, there is endless joy and laughter, unbelievable loyalty, the knowing that you made a difference especially if they are rescue dogs.

Ask anyone that has a dog and they will be able to go on and on about the special relationship they have with their pet. 

There is always a funny story or a tale of mischief.

Owning a dog has been proven to support a healthy lifestyle

Numerous studies have shown that having a canine companion may lower blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol levels, and decrease your triglyceride levels.

All that may contribute to better your overall cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. 

What's more, it has been shown dog owners who do have heart attacks have better survival rates following the event.

It is not just about health benefits

Our dogs give us unconditional love, it has been shown time after time that a dog will love you no matter whether you are smart, rich, dumb or good looking!

It has been shown (sadly) that even dogs that have been mistreated will still come to their owners albeit reluctantly. 

Non dog people may not get it

Non dog people will often just roll their eyes and wonder what all the fuzz is about, sadly they just don't get it but that is okay just means more puppy love for us.

Besides being my companions my dogs have kept me healthy because I work from home and spend many hours at the computer.

They need their breaks so it forces me to go outside and get fresh air and exercise.

Like a visual instead of my rambling? Then watch this video and browse the graph below!

So browse the infographic below and see if you agree with the benefits of dogs that are featured. I can relate to almost every one!

The Benefits Of Dog Ownership