The Different Types Of Dog Houses

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 30th Jul 2020

Cedar Dog House Ideas

Dog House Ideas & Designs

The dog house is offered in many different styles, designs and different features depending on the wants and needs of the dog owner and their pet.

Before investing in your next dog house it might be a good idea to browse this information and learn about all the ideas relating to a doghouse purchase.

There are several factors that you need consider before making an investment in a new dog, such as the breed of your dog, what the climate is like where your reside and the health of your dog.

The next item of business is to decide which design option makes the most sense for your dog, that is why we have taken the liberty of presenting the different types of dog houses listed below.

Slope Or Slanted Dog House Design

Slanted Or Sloped Roof Type.

This design features a slope or a slant to the roof and it is often hinged so you can gain access to the inside of the home. 

This is an important design feature if you need to access the inside frequently.

As an example if you are raising puppies or have an older pet that is ill and needs frequent attention or need to clean the interior of the dog house.

This particular design is often cheaper than other dog house models because the design is very simple and easy to construct in comparison to a gable roof design.

Gable Dog House Design

The Gable Roof Type.

This is the most common design with most  dog houses, it allows excellent head room.

However, the disadvantage is there is a lot of wasted space, but is not a deal breaker if you have a large breed dog. 

The area has to be heated in the cooler months and can allow heat buildup in the summer if it is not properly vented.

To address this issue there are several models in the marketplace that offer a vented ridge cap to allow air to escape.

This design is ideal for shedding rain water or allowing snow to slide off if you reside in a climate that has a lot of snowfall.

Dog House Kennel Combo

The Dog House Kennel Combination.

This is an ideal design because it allows the best of both worlds for your dog.

They can engage with the outdoors in the kennel area and be able to get out of harsh weather with the enclosed area. 

These type of doghouses are ideal for multiple dogs or the extra large breeds, because they require more room that most dog houses provide.

Another bonus feature with this design is the pet owner has a storage area for dog food or other pet supplies. 

The down side is these homes can be expensive, however with a lot of dog owners sometimes money is not an issue when it comes to looking for  dog houses for large dogs!

Another unique feature of these models is they are offered in a Victorian or Cape Cod model and will look stunning in your backyard.

Igloo Dog House Design

The Igloo Type Or Plastic Dog House. 

This type of dwelling is usually the most budget friendly and is very common at many big box stores.

However the disadvantage is the plastic material can be cold during winter and extremely hot during summer months. 

Of course this depends on the climate that you reside in, if it is mild then the plastic design is not that bad. 

There may be an issue with chemicals being released from the plastic as well depending on the type of house.

There have been several copycat models that have come out since the original design that are not near the quality of the original. 

A give away on this point is the price difference between the knock offs and the original design.

The Custom Or Designer Dog House. 

Designer Dog House

This house is usually built by custom designers and built as needed with the owner getting involved in the design process.

It is very much like a custom built home, with shingles, windows and rain gutters and so much more. 

With this type of design the sky is the limit and often the budget goes out the window!

These luxurious dog houses are with out a doubt the finest in appearance, so if money is no object and you want to make a fashion statement then these homes may be for you! 

The price tag may be a bit steep!


The Loft Roof Type.

Loft Dog House Design

This dog house features a loft area on top of the roof which is usually flat and it gives the dog the   option of getting off the ground and taking advantage of an elevated view of their domain. 

This type of house may not be ideal for the large breed dogs or for dogs that may have hip issues because going up and down the stairs could cause injury.

It may be a better idea to have a ramp to gain access rather than steps, it would be better for dogs of all ages and size.

Most dog do like to have an elevated view could be the same reason why as humans we like to climb mountains, for a better view of our world.   

The DIY Dog House.

This is the do it yourself design doghouse and there are no limits to the design options because a doghouse can be made from a variety of different materials, shapes and sizes.

So you are only limited by your imagination and your budget.

One of the most important considerations when it comes to building the dog house yourself is selecting the proper size.

Too small and your dog will not be comfortable to the point that they may not even go inside, leaving you wondering what is wrong.

If the house is too large it will not be easy to keep it warm during the winter.

If you are going to tackle this project it is wise to start with a set of  dog house plans.

Consider good set of dog house plans as your road map to success, not only will they save you time but may also save you money.

So if you possess some mad DIY skills and have the right tools then you may want to consider tackling your own dog house design.

You can make it your own style and color it any way you want that reflects you and your dog's personality, so get started today!