What Dog Is Right For Me?

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 26th Sep 2019

What Dog Is Right For Me?

Think Carefully About Choosing A New Dog

When it is time to decide on a dog for yourself or your family choosing the right one may be a huge question weighing on your mind. 

There is no one definitive answer because there are so many variable that you need to consider. 

Taking some time and doing some research may save you from grief later down the road.

Not all breeds are alike, all dogs may not fit into your current lifestyle.

So consider some of these elements:

Matching the dog to the your family

First the personality of the dog and your personality, if you are a hyper active type of a person then a lazy breed that likes to lie around the house may not be a good match. 

If you like running to the park to throw your Frisbee and wanting your dog to catch it in mid air then a toy breed may not be the best choice. 

Another consideration is your living quarters, do you reside in an apartment ...hmmm maybe not a Great Dane then! 

Do you have large parcels of land then maybe a dog that likes to get out and run with you would be a good fit.

The other element to think about is the size of your family, you do have infants or teenagers?

How many? 

Most teenagers are too busy to help out with the maintenance or caring for a pet, yes there are chores.

Are you able to take on the additional expense of dog ownership?

Is the household budget tight? 

Then getting a large dog that requires lots of dog supplies, pet food, not to mention large vet bills may not be the best choice.

That does not mean you can't or should not own a dog just get one that would be suited to your household budget, like a smaller breed that would require less food and other expenses.

In many cases a larger dog may require staying outdoors and this will require some type of shelter, especially if you reside in a harsh climate.

Most smaller breeds may be able to live in the home with you, providing you have taken into consideration the needs of your dog and if there are children to consider.

Will you be able to give the allotted time needed for caring for the dog?

Being a responsible pet owner requires giving your dog the proper attention besides the daily routine of feeding, you also need to walk the dog and show them affection.

Some dogs more than others may have abandonment issues if you leave them alone too long, so if you have a demanding career then there needs to be someone else would can give them attention.

For some ideas on how to occupy a dog while you are at work browse Keeping A Dog Busy While At Work.

These are just a few considerations, there are certainly many more.

But more than likely when it is time to choose your new pet they end up choosing you!

Are you committed to caring for the dog forever?

There are thousands of dogs in shelters across the country because the idea of getting a dog sounded great at the time however, situations have changed.

Many times parents are talked into a pet because the kids want one however, this is what can happen:

The kids are off at college.

The kids are at home but have lost complete interest in caring for the dog.

The wrong dog was chosen and now is difficult to control and the children lose patience.

There are a plethora of things that can go wrong or change and it is not fair to the dog to be abandoned at a shelter just because they are no longer convenient. 

So when it is time to get a dog consider what dog is right for me?