Which Dog Breed Is Right For Me?

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 1st Feb 2021

Which Dog Breed Is Right For Me?

Making the right choice when deciding on a dog

There may be several reasons for getting a dog and if you are familiar with dog breeds then it is often an easy decision.

Maybe you are getting a puppy for the new baby in the household so they can grow up together.

Or just want to provide a good home for a rescue dog.

Regardless what the reason may be it is wise to takes some time to study the different dog breeds.

Taking into consideration your lifestyle and then make the decision.

Once you decide on a dog it should be permanent there is nothing worse than having to give a dog away after it has bonded to the family.

It is brutal and family as well as the dog.

What kind of dog is right for me?

If you are getting your first dog and have little or no understanding of dog breeds then deciding on the ideal dog for you could be a challenge.

This is even more important if you are starting with a puppy and have no idea how big they will grow up to be, or what their temperament may be like.

There are several factors to consider:

Is the dog going to be around kids and a large family environment? 

Is the new dog or older dog going to be with an elderly person?

Is the dog going to have to be an outdoor dog or will it be able to stay inside?

Will there be long periods of time when the dog is going to be alone because of a career demands?

Will you be under the demands of a strict budget caring for the dog?

These are just a sample of some of the considerations.

Need some help deciding which dog breed is right for you? 

Here is a chart to help you decide, while it is not exact science it is entertaining and somewhat accurate with some of the dog traits. 

So follow the path from start and you will end up with a breed that is compatible with your lifestyle, that is unless you are Crullea De Vil.