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Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 8th Aug 2017

Is a guard dog good for your household?There are many different reasons to get a dog for your family, those being, for a companion for family members, when a baby is born so a puppy can grow up with t … read more

Care And Maintenance Of A Dog House

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 6th Jun 2017

Taking Care Of Your Dog HouseThe first order of business when determining the care and maintenance of a dog house is what type of material the house is made of and where is the house located in term … read more

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Poop

Posted by Steven Barnhart on 31st May 2017

Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop! Okay just the thought of that can be ewww!But it happens, so we need to discuss how to stop a dog from eating poop. So is this a thing? Yes it is referr … read more