Cedar Dog House

Cedar Dog House

What Are Some Of The Western Red Cedar Benefits?

It Is Very Stable & Remains Straight In Harsh Climates.

A red cedar dog house material has double the stability of most common conifers and will resist warping, cupping, twisting or decaying prematurely.

This means it will require very little maintenance on your behalf and provides years of comfort for your pet! 

It Is Bug Resistant | Termite Resistant.

This wood features naturally occurring preservatives (tannin oil) that are resistant to termites, moisture and decay.

Set it and forget it no termites are going to start having a free lunch with this home!

Also this cedar wood is not treated with any toxic chemicals that can harm your dog.

Provides Natural Thermal Insulation.

Western Red Cedar out performs common softwoods as well as brick, concrete and steel when it comes to thermal properties, meaning it feels cooler in the hot summer months and warmer during the colder winter months.

Add a climate control option to this cedar dog house and you have the ultimate home for your dog!

Why use western red cedar for building a doghouse?

It is beautiful wood – The natural beauty of red cedar features amazing grains and is the preferred wood by woodworking professionals for all types of construction.

Especially projects that involve the outdoor elements.

It is easy to work with – Western red cedar is resin and pitch free, this means it will stain very well and it is readily available in all shapes and sizes. 

It is an Eco-Friendly wood – Unlike other construction products like brick, concrete or other synthetic materials cedar will not generate greenhouse gasses and it is a renewable (if sourced from sustainable managed forests), and it is a biodegradable product.