Deluxe Dog House Breeze Cooler

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Dog House Cooler


Keep your pet cool during the hot summer months!

Do you notice how many fans are sold at the big box stores during the summer months? The reason why is because they work, by moving air across our bodies it has a cooling effect, no rocket science needed. The same is true with this dog house breeze unit.

This unit collects air from outside the doghouse and moves it through at 24 cubic feet per minute; at that rate you can replace the air in an average sized house almost two times per minute! The noise level is low enough that it will not affect your dog; in fact it is very similar to a white noise machine.

The 30,000 hour, thermostatically controlled, cyclonic style fan is conservative with electricity so if you run it continually, your will not notice an increase in your energy bill.

Effectively draws fresh air to completely exchange dog house's air almost twice per minute.

Orders include necessary hardware.

Easy Installation.

One Year Warranty.