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Dog Car Seats

Are you the type of dog owner that likes to take your buddy with you whatever you go but also wants them to be safe?

Then dog car seats are the perfect solution for the road trip or an errand across town.

It allows a comfortable safe place for your pet and will not distract from your driving, safety first!

There are also solutions for the pet that needs to be enclosed because let’s face some dogs just can’t sit still!

Dog car seats and their versatility 

These units are easy to install or remove and some are collapsible while others can be easily cleaned. 

They can also be adjusted to the needs of your dog, by adjusting the height and the balance.

So take your best friend with you whatever you go knowing that they will be safe and they can sing along with you and the car radio!

If you don't see a dog car seat that you don't like, no worries, just insert the phrase dog car seats in the search box below the images and you will be taken to a large selection!

Benefits of a back seat cover for dogs

Most of these back-seat covers are made of quality materials that are also pet friendly.

Car seat covers for dogs are much easier to maneuver than dog crates.

These covers also allow a lot more room for your dog than a crate.

These type of covers will protect your cars interior from the dog claws or other damage.

Some of these covers will allow your dog to be more comfortable rather than sliding all over the seat.

The car seat cover for dogs will help keep the dog hair in check instead of getting all over the car seats.

Some of the waterproof car seat covers will guard against stains or other problems that are weather related.

Some important tips about having a dog car booster seat

If your dog is going to be in the front seat with you it is important that you resist the temptation of letting your dog distract you from your driving.

Your first priority is getting yourself and your dog safely to and from your destinations.

It is also important that the seat is installed and adjusted properly so your dog is not only comfortable but also safe.

If the dog car seat is placed in the front seat be sure to turn off the passenger air bag feature if your vehicle has one.

You want to make sure that you have chosen the right size dog car seat for your particular dog a full-size dog like a German Shepherd has no business in a booster seat.

The ideal position for a dog car seat is in the back seat the same as a child would be, there will be less cases of distraction and easier to control your pet.

Most car seats will allow you dog to look out the window without being able to jump out of the car seat or window which allows you to vent the back-seat area.