Dog House AC Units

Dog House AC Units

Dog house air conditioning systems

Got a hot dog? Keep them cool during summer!

When the summer months roll around we scramble for fans, turn on the air conditioning or other devices to keep ourselves cool, why not do the same for our dogs?

Some of ways to keep your pets cool during the hottest months:

If they live outside, move their house in a shaded area and if possible raise it off the ground with blocks to allow air to flow under it.

If you don’t have any trees some type of umbrella system will work, anything to provide shade rather than direct sunlight.

If possible, invest in some type of these dog house ac units; there are a variety of units some also offering heating for the winter months.

If their doghouse is not vented, provide some venting and the higher towards the roof of the house the better, this will allow hot air to escape the house.

If they or their dog house is on or near concrete, hose it down during the peak heat.

Provide a small kids swimming pool for them to cool off and of course always make sure they have adequate water at their disposal.