Dog House Heater Air Conditioner Combo | 5000 BTU

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D-Cooler/Heater 5000
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Dog House Air Conditioner Heater Combo


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The CR500 features a 5000 BTU, 115-Volt cooling and heating system that is ideal for areas up to 1200 cubic feet which is ideal for any super sized dog house (like our kennel/doghouse combos) that is approximately 12’ x 12’ x 8’. For our smaller doghouses we suggest our CR2500 model.

This dog house air conditioner unit is the ideal solution for heating and cooling an outdoor dog house up to about 400 cubic feet.

The main advantage of this unit is it sits outside of the doghouse - out of the way, quiet and unobtrusive.

No wires for your dog to chew on and no unit taking up interior space in the dog house.

This climate unit gently cools on hot days with quiet efficiency and takes out the chill on cold days.

This model will cool your dog’s house quietly and efficiently while also dehumidifying and filtering the air so your dog will be in complete comfort.

This larger model will cool your dog’s house quietly and efficiently at the same time dehumidifying and filtering the air so your dog will be in complete comfort heat or cold.

You can control the functions of your climate control unit with an infrared remote control, also features an auto-off or auto on timer, a three speed fan, auto and sleep modes, cooling, fan, heating or dehumidifying.

Your new unit will feature a quick connect air hose system making installation easy. Dog house heater cooler hook up diagram

Features a one year warranty see details here.

Other Specifications:

Amps = 10.0A.

Watts = 1150W (maximum).

Dehumidifier (pints per hour) = 1.1 pints.

Thermostat type = Digital with infrared remote control.

Control Panel functions = IR remote sensor with digital temperature display.

In the box dimensions = 24.3"Long 17.2"Wide x 16.5"High.

Climate control unit dimensions = 18"Long x 14.1"Wide x 15.1"High.

Unit weight = 55 pounds.

Shipping weight = 62 pounds.

What is included = Flange kit that fits most walls, quick connect hose.

Refrigerant type = R-410a

Filtration system = A removable nylon mesh air filter.

Noise levels generated = 55 decibels.

Recommended generator if needed = 2000W.

Please note: It is very important to check all specifications to ensure the application is suitable for the unit you order. It can be costly to return, which may include shipping cost and restocking fee. If there is any doubt email us to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs!