Dog House Heating Cooling

Doghouse Climate Control Units

An ideal way to ensure that your pet is comfortable year round is to supplement their dog house with dog house heating cooling.

Whether it is a stand alone heater for winter or a stand alone cooler for the hot summer months or a combination unit that supplies both.

The option that you go with will more than likely be determined by the climate you reside in and the type of dog house you have.

Dog house heating cooling combination unit

The ideal option is to invest in a complete climate control unit that offers heating and cooling in one unit.

These units provide heating in the frigid cold and cooling during the extreme heat of summer by thermostat settings.

Using this type of unit coupled with an insulated doghouse is the absolute best you can do to ensure your pet is comfortable all year long.

Dog House Air Conditioner

What is the best type?

Climate controlled dog houses are not easy to come by.

There are just not that many models to choose from.  

However, if you want a cooler for your dog’s house, consider a model that will actually operate as a climate control unit that heats or cools, dehumidifies and filters the air!

A complete climate control system that provides comfort for your dog all year long!

Dog House Heaters

How to keep a dog house warm in the winter!

 Almost every corner of North America experiences changing temperatures of some type throughout the year that can get pretty ‘extreme’.

From the bitter cold temperatures experienced during the winter in North Dakota, to the crazy amount of snow Buffalo gets hit with, to the extreme blistering dry heat in Arizona, we really do get it ‘all’.

Our dogs regularly need to go outside, so they are exposed to the elements often.

A combination Dog House Heating Cooling (heat & breeze below) unit that keeps your pet comfortable year round, gives your dog the best possible environment for their comfort and safety.