Dog House Ideas

Western Red Cedar Dog House

Organizing different ideas for a dog house

When it is time to replace or get a new dog house you may be thinking well this is not rocket science find a dog house at the local pet store and get on with life.

However, depending on the breed of your dog and where you live it may not be that simple, it may require doing some research to make your sure you don’t waste money on your initial investment.

The best place to start is at the beginning, are you starting with a puppy or a fully grown dog?

If you are starting with a puppy you will need to know how big the dog is eventually going to be so you can get some idea how large the dog house needs to be.

In this case when we are saying puppy it would be less than a year old and growing.

If you are acquiring a full grown dog then determining the dog house size will be much easier, hopefully it is a rescue dog (hint).

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Some ideas about dog house design

There are a plethora of different dog house designs, most common is the simple gable design but there is also the gambrel; the slanted or sloped roof design, flat roof with loft design and many more.

There are dog house kennel combinations that are offered as a Cape Cod or Victorian model.

The design is strictly for your preference because if the dog house is the proper size, well built and safe then the design will have very little bearing on whether your dog is comfortable or not.

The design will determine how well it will fit in your backyard decor and whether it will enhance it or be an eye sore.

The design may or may not be important to you but it is something to consider.

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Different ideas about dog house materials

One of the most important elements to consider when investing in a new dog house (besides the size) is what materials are used to build it.

This is important because the larger the breed is the more durable your dog house needs to be, a 100 pound dog will destroy a soft wood, thin wall dog house.

The most common is some type of wood, however, there is an assortment of different materials that a doghouse can be made of, some of these (but not all) are:

Wood: Cedar wood, firwood, plywood, pine and a host of other woods.

Composite: These are usually a hybrid of wood by products and some type of resin or composite material.

Plastic: This is self explanatory however, not all plastic is created equal, just like the different grades of wood there is also a pecking order for plastics.

You will want to have a good idea about the material used because it will determine to some degree how comfortable your dog will be and how long the dog house will last.

As an example a plastic dog house that is going to be in the backyard of a home in the desert Southwest USA is going to get destroyed by the heat and sun, especially if it is not of good quality.

By contrast a dog house made of Western Red Cedar will stand up to the elements and provide many years of comfort for your dog, requiring minor yearly maintenance.

Like the idea of building your own dog house?

If you have mad DIY skills and the right power tools you may want to consider building your own dog house.

If you have the skills of a journeymen carpenter you will be able to design and build a dog house using pass building experience without any building plans.

However, if you are handy and have the tools but never built a dog house it might be wise to invest in a set of dog house plans.

A good set of plans will be your road map to designing and building an excellent dog house while saving yourself time and money.

Most plans will provide a lumber cut list which will save you the time and headache of running back and forth to your local home improvement store.

When you have a list in hand you will be able to get all your building materials in one trip.

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Insulated Dog House

Some ideas about add on options for your dog house

There are several different options that may be featured as an add on if they are not included in the dog house you are considering, some of these may be:

An insulation option:

This may be a very important consideration for the new dog house if you reside in an area where there are extreme temperature changes.

Insulation is not just for cold climates it will work very well in hot climates as well.

A heating cooling option:

There are several different approaches to a climate controlled dog house, you can consider a heating solution if you reside in a climate where the temperature may be freezing several months out of the year.

On the other hand you may only need some type of cooling solution if you reside in a desert environment where the temperatures may be over 90 degrees.

Finally there are heating cooling combination systems as well.

An entry door option:

You would think that this should not be an add on option but there are many dog houses in the marketplace that do not offer a door on the house.

If it does have an entry door most common is a vinyl flap, however, not all vinyl is created equal there are some very flimsy flaps out there.

The ideal solution is a marine grade thick vinyl flap that will help prevent the harsh cold wind or rain from entering the dog house.

There are also some dog houses that offer solid doors for the ultimate comfort for your dog.

So you can see where this is going, a dog house that features an insulation option, heating cooling and solid door is the supreme dog house for your dog.

Of this is where the adage you get what you pay for comes into play.

With each add on there is the ever so familiar cha ching of the cash register, for further study into why a dog house of the same size is $50.00 and another is $1500.00 browse this article…dog house prices.

Turning your dog house ideas into the ideal dog house

We have covered several areas of importance when it comes to deciding on your new dog house, including size, material, design and features.

With a little research you will find the house you need will come into focus, besides all these ideas the most important factor is the doghouse going to be safe and comfortable for your dog.

Most people will put in the time to select the ideal mattress to sleep on because they know it is one that they may have for a while and their restful nights depend on it.

The same is true for the new dog house for your dog.

Top 50 Dog House Ideas

Presented below are several different dog house ideas, some are rather clever while others seem to be a bit over the edge. Many may not be ideal for severe weather conditions and are more of a fashion statement than a true shelter.

If you are the do it yourself type you may gain some insight into some construction ideas so you can create a one of a kind dog house for your buddy.