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This page is all about dog houses, including:

Education about the different types of dog houses.

A guide designed to help a dog owner purchase a dog house online.

The anatomy of a dog house, breaking down all the components that make up a dog house and how they benefit your dog.

What some of the additional options available for your new doghouse.

Some insights into making sure you select the proper size dog house, very important!

Some questions you may have that can be answered:

What size dog house will I need for my dog?

What material should the dog house be made of?

Why does one dog house cost so much more than another?

What makes up a dog house kit?

Is an insulation option necessary?

What is a dog house kit?

More than likely when you invest in a dog house online it is going to arrive in a kit form, meaning there will be several (often 7) panels that when assembled yields a fully functioning doghouse for your pet.

Dog owners that own the extra large breeds will often find it difficult to find a large selection of houses that will fit their dog, browse this in depth page on Dog Houses For Large Dogs to gain some insight and tips.

Or maybe you have more than one dog and need a dog house for two dogs, regardless of your situation there is sure to be a solution at Doowaggle!

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There will always be more dog house information added so if you don't get what you are looking for here.

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