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Dog House With A Kennel Area

Since this dog house is a kennel and dog house combination you can house one very large dog or several small dogs!

With these Doowaggle dog house kennel combination kits your dog can be part of the outdoors without being exposed to the harsh elements which offers the best of both worlds! The kennel area is 6 feet by 8 feet and the enclosed house area is 4 feet by 8 feet.

They have an entrance into sleeping quarters to get out of the harsh weather or an enclosed kennel area to roam and still have a roof over their head and safe any harm! These kits are secured on a pallet and delivered to your reside via delivery truck.

Important: Your dog house kit does not include paint, shingles, rain gutters, they would get damaged in shipping and it allows you to select your own colors. (image shown is for suggestion)

You can upgrade your dogs new home with exterior paint to match your backyard living space or your house. You can add shingles or any other roof material that you decide and finally if you want add some rain gutters as well.

This dog house kennel combo offers the very best for your dog and it is stylish at the same time!

(Choose from 3 floor colors Cedar, Redwood and Weathered Wood from the menu above, see additional images for selection)

Victorian Dog House Kennel Combo Kit Includes:

2” x 3” Wood wall framing.

2” x 4” Wood trusses.

4" x 4" x 10' (2) Under the floor to raise the house/kennel off the ground (see photo on description page).

4’ x 8’ Enclosed area for your dog, that features a 24" L x 43" W x 30" H chain link cage (see photo on description page).

6’ x 8’ Kennel area for your dog to have some freedom.

L.P. Smartsiding* that is prefastened onto the wall panels to ensure the panels are square. 

*LP Smartside is a quality wood based product, treated to resist rot, termites, and mold.  Smartside is considered to be a "green" building material, because it is a renewable resource having a low environmental impact.

To save time with assembly the wall sections are panelized.

Gingerbread trim prefastened to panels. (see photo)

All other parts are precut and ready for you to assemble.

2 Working 14” x 21” windows with safety glass, grids and come with screens.

Decorative shutters and flowerboxes.

Reverse gable with painted heart on white plexi-glass window (see photo)

Dog entry door (40” high x 20” wide) entrance into the kennel area from the outside.

Pet door entrance between the kennel area and the inner enclosed area with a 10” x 15” flap with a locking panel, optional larger door (14" x 23") for large & extra large breed dogs. Select larger door from drop down menu on order page. 

Adult Dutch door on the side of the house (61” high x 34” wide)

All the necessary hardware for assembly (screws, latches, handles and nails)

White aluminum outside corner trim (see photo)

All trim and siding is primed and ready to be painted with a color of your choice.

Composite decking (7/8") in the kennel area that is more durable and long-lasting than wood (choose from 3 floor colors Cedar, Redwood and Weathered Wood)

5/8” Plywood in the 4’ x 8’ enclosed area.

Chain link fencing material for the kennel area.

Chain link fencing material for the interior enclosed area.

Height to the gabled peak on adult door side is 98”.

Side wall height 45”.

Height of chain link kennel side walls is 45”.

How difficult will it be to assemble once it arrives?

Depending on your skill level it should not be difficult to assemble, because there is a link provided with your kit that features step by step instructions.

The pre-made panels are all alphabetized; you would need to fasten the panels together with screws.

Two adults could assemble the entire house in approximately four to eight hours, again depending on your skill set.

Remember the shingles and paint are not included, which gives you the opportunity to match your current home.

  • Where Did The Victorian Design Originate?

The Victorian style home got it names because they were built during the reign of Queen Victoria; the design is still popular today. Millions of the designs were built during the housing boom starting in 1837 and beyond during the Industrial Revolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Dog House Kennel Combination:

Question: How is the house shipped to my house?

Answer: Since the kennel system is so large it has to be constructed in panels and then assembled when it reaches its new home. All the panels are secured on a shipping pallet, then covered and then transported by a freight truck.

Which makes the free shipping feature a big deal since these dog house kennels are too large to ship by standard UPS or FedEx. Consider that on average the freight charge to ship these houses is $400 to $600.00 minimum.

Question: Can I have special custom work done before purchasing?

Answer: Yes we have done custom work for dog owners over the years and in almost all cases we have been able to fulfill the request, as long as it doesn’t require a complete redesign. Just call or email us with your request and we can give you a quote.

Question: Is there an air condition heater unit that will work with this dog house kennel?

Answer: Yes, however it has to be our larger climate control unit because of the extra square footage over our regular dog houses.

Question: What dog breeds is this dog house kennel combo ideal for?

Answer: The Great Dane, the Bull Mastiff, the Saint Bernard, the Pyrenees Mountain Dog , the Newfoundland and other breeds of similar size or an entire tribe of Chihuahuas!