Dog Houses By Dog Breed

Dog Houses By Dog Breed

Dog houses for the different breeds

When it is time to select a new dog house one of the most difficult questions is what size to choose.

If you own a large breed dog like a Great Dane it is not a problem you need something super sized or extra large. 

But what if you own a breed that is a tweener? One that is not as big as a German Shepherd but bigger than a Terrier?

We have compiled a page that breaks down the houses we feature by the dog breed size, if your breed is not mentioned (there are lots) just do a comparison to the size that is mentioned.

So if your dog is close in size to a Golden Retriever then consider a house we have listed for that size.

An important thought when it comes to selecting the right size, it is far better to error on the larger size because it is much easier to accommodate with a mat or blanket.

There is no way to make a doghouse larger unless you tear it apart and remodel, not a good idea!

Click on the links below and left for the right dog house for your breed size.


The Indigo Igloo Style Dog House features Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection, what the heck is that?

Simply put it helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria, which is a good thing because who wants nasty odor causing bacteria?