Dog Houses For Large Breeds

Dog houses designed for the large breed dogs

Large dog breeds and their owners have a unique set of problems that they need to overcome.

These are the food requirements (they require a lot), the dwelling requirements, they require a lot of space to stretch out.

If you are lucky enough to have that much space then your pet can share your house.

However if you fall in the category of most people the large breed dog usually ends up outside, in a mild year round climate it may not present a major problem.

However if you reside in an area that has radical temperature ranges and nasty weather then a shelter is a must for your dog.

The difference between large and extra large

Often the large dog is lumped in with the extra large breeds, however there can be a huge difference.

A Great Dane would be considered an extra large whereas a Labrador would be considered large, so when considering a shelter keep that in mind.

If you own a dog that is on the border between the two then it is far better to cheat towards a larger home rather than have your pet uncomfortable in a space that is too small.

If the shelter is a bit too large you can always get an over-sized bed to make up the difference and your dog will benefit as well. 

The weight of these dogs will range in size from approximately 40 pounds to 90 pounds. 

It is important to factor in the weight of your large size dog and any other characteristics that may influence the dog house size you choose.

Each dog breed has their unique characteristics 

Even though several breeds can be lumped into a large size category each individual dog may be different in some way. 

When in doubt it is always wise to go to a larger size rather than too small. A bigger house can be overcome with a bed and blankets however there is no solution for a house that is too small.

Here is a partial list of dogs that would fall in the large category you can use as a benchmark.

German Shepherd-Golden Retriever-Rottweiler-Irish Setter-Doberman Pinscher-Alaskan Malamute-English Setter-German Shorthair-Bloodhound-Dalmatian-Australian Shepherd