Dog Houses For Medium Sized Dogs

Dog houses designed for medium size breed dogs

These homes include dogs that range in size from approximately 40 pounds to 70 pounds and there are a lot of them! 

It is important to factor in the weight of your medium size dog and any other characteristics that may influence the dog house size you select.

Even though several breeds can be lumped into a medium size category each individual dog may be different. 

If you are in doubt it is always better to go a size larger which is easier to overcome than too small.

Think of it this way would you invest in a bed where your feet hung over the end?

Not likely so you would go with the proper size rather than think only of a category size.

American Eskimo-Basset Hound-Border Collie-Chow Chow-Samoyed-Siberian Husky-Welsh Corgi-Dachshund - Other Dogs That Fall In This Size Category.