Dog Houses For Multiple Dogs

Duplex dog houses

If you are the lucky owner of more than one dog or a super large dog then finding a proper dog house may be a bit tricky.

It is not likely that your local big box store is not going to have a variety to select from, this is not their fault they only have so much square footage for their merchandise.

That being said more than likely you may turn to the internet or a local builder who may be able to build a custom structure.

What are some options for dog houses for multiple dogs?

You can opt for an extra large dog house that would accommodate two dogs, an extra large breed or even a tribe of little dogs!

Another option would be to consider a duplex dog house, this is an excellent choice because duplex doghouses allow each dog to have their own space.

This can be very helpful for the dog that doesn't like to share, whether it is a squeak toy, the dog food or the sleeping quarters.

When a duplex is not a duplex 

Some of the duplex dog houses in the marketplace feature a partition that can be removed between the two units, these allows flexibility if your needs change.

At a later date you may find yourself with one dog or a larger breed dog that will have the entire dog house to themselves once the partition is removed.

The dog house kennel as a solution for multiple dogs

The dog house kennel option is another way of housing more than one dog, especially if the dogs are small to medium breeds, smaller than that you can house an entire tribe!

This option can be an excellent solution for a dog house for multiple dogs especially if they get along very well, in fact separating the dogs with different houses could cause separation anxiety.

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