Dog Houses For Small Breeds

Dog houses designed for the small breed dogs

This is a very popular size because they can be managed much easier and can be an indoor or outdoor dog.

However Dog Houses For Small Breeds still have the same options as other breeds.

When it comes to most dog house searches there is a lot of emphasis placed on the larger homes because most of the large breed dogs are kept outside.

However there are smaller dogs that can be placed outside (depending on the breed) and they need some shelter as well as other pets.

Small does have some advantages

The advantage of dog houses for small dogs is they can be placed almost anywhere, like on a patio or tucked in a small space because off their size.

It is also easier to keep them out of the harsh elements and can be heated or cooled easier as well using some type of climate control unit.

These Dog Houses For Small Breeds are created for dogs that range in size from approximately 20 pounds to 35 pounds. 

It is important to factor in the weight of your dog and any other characteristics that may influence the dog house size.

Even though several breeds can be lumped into a size category each individual dog may be different because not all dogs will weight the same and some may be (gasp say it isn't so) overweight!

Some of the dogs that may fall into this category but not limited to are:

Beagle-Boston Terrier-Jack Russell Terrier-Bull Dog- Smooth Fox Terrier-Welsh Corgi-Patterdale Terrier-Lakeland Terrier.