Dog Life Vest Flotation Device

Dog Life Vest Flotation Device

Keep your dog safe on the water with a dog life vest!

Why on earth would my dog need a dog life vest flotation device isn’t my dog a good swimmer?

Of course they are, however depending on the circumstances if you were to find yourself in a dangerous situation at sea, on the lake or any other large body of water your pet would run the same risks you do.

Besides trips to the lake or seaside the backyard swimming pool can pose a threat to certain dogs especially if they are (gasp say it isn’t so) overweight. Any type of water sports at the lake can also create a potential for disaster and it is better to be prepared than grief.

So what type of life vest is ideal?

Regardless of the type one of the most important considerations is that it is comfortable and fits your dog well. The measurements around their chest/torso area are important and they must be able to sit, lie down and relieve themselves without restriction.

It would be ideal if the model you select has some type of strong handle in the event you need to pull your pet out of the water or secure them for whatever reason.

Another feature that would be nice is a bright neon or florescent color so you can easily spot your pet in the water, especially if it is during the sunset or evening hours.

Finally the vest needs to provide the proper amount of buoyancy; this is where the cheap vests may come up short. It is ideal if there is proper flotation on each side and under their chin to support the head. The lower priced vests may not feature high quality material for longevity, as the adage goes you get what you pay for.

Spending time on the water can be very enjoyable for the entire family, their safety and your pets should be a priority.