Dog News |The Dog House Interview


An exclusive interview about dog houses with a dog

Dogs Are Awesome magazine sat down with Rusty the Golden Retriever to get to the bottom of what dogs would like to see when their owners are buying their dog a new dog house.

DAA: So Rusty can you tell us why golden retriever and not something like gray retriever?

Rusty: Well I think it ties into the human fascination with precious metals like gold, since we are precious I think that answers your question.

DAA: That makes total sense, we do like our bling.

So why did you decide to do this interview now?

Rusty: I decided to sit down after seeing a few of my canine friends being subjected to some horrible living conditions.

DAA: Care to elaborate?

Rusty: Well let’s start with what some are calling a dog house, really?

Would you like a house that is drafty, ugly, cold in winter and blazing hot in summer?

Don’t get me started about size, yes it matters, how would you like it if I selected a mattress for you to sleep on the rest of your life that was five inches too short?

DAA: Well I would imagine it would not be very comfortable.

Rusty: Of course not!

So pull your head out of the clouds or whatever it is stuck at the moment and think about dimensions before throwing down the gold credit card!

See what I did there?

DAA: Yes very clever, now on to the next item is there anything else you would like to see regarding your new Rusty house.

Rusty: Glad you ask, a hot tub with a view of the ocean would be nice, maybe some chandeliers, but let’s get serious that is not feasible because I live in Denver.

All kidding aside it would be nice to have a house that is insulated, now before you say “oh because of the cold Denver winters” let me remind you that an insulation option works well in summer.

The proper insulation system keeps me cozy in the cold winter months and much cooler in the hot summer months. Of course a wood burning fireplace would be nice!

I can see it now me and my owner sitting by the fire talking about our day.

Of course there is the fire hazard thing to think about so maybe a climate control system that is specially designed for dog houses.

DAA: Okay sorry to interrupt your fireside moment, but on to the next question, is design important to you?

A design option such as a gable style, perhaps a sloped or slanted roof, or French Chalet?

Rusty: Really you are suggesting French Chalet?

Let’s be serious and match the design need to the dog and their needs.

DAA: Not sure I follow.

Rusty: It is simple, if the dog requires a lot of attention, such as rearing a litter of pups or perhaps a medical condition, it may require a slated roof option that is hinged for easy access.

This allows the owner to gain access to their pet without disturbing them.

Maybe the dog we are talking about is beyond extra large and falls more into oh my goodness here it comes category.

If that is the case then perhaps a kennel dog house combination should be considered.

DAA: That makes complete sense!

Rusty: Duh!

That is why I suggested it, stay with me here this is not rocket science.

BTW is there a meal with this interview?

DAA: Perhaps we can arrange for some treats, okay moving on, besides getting the proper design, the ideal size and perhaps an insulation package is there anything else a dog owner should consider?

Rusty: Consider?

Really is this a fast food order?

A pizza topping decision?

There are several other considerations to factor in when deciding on the proper dwelling.

Besides size and design there are other important elements such as climate, breed and material.

DAA: I get climate and breed but material?

Rusty: Absolutely, if the dog owner has a dog that sees everything in their reach as a chew toy then a cheap softwood material doghouse may not be a wise investment.

If they reside in a mild climate where there is not an extreme temperature changes all year then a dog house that does not feature an insulation option should be fine, because it would be easier on the budget.

Finally the dog breed is important because my Great Dane friends are going to need something far sturdier than my Terrier friends.

A big dog has huge requirements and cheap is not going to cut it!

DAA: So if I am picking up on your vibe then it appears you are saying you get what you pay for?

Rusty: Keep it up and I will nominate you for a Nobel Prize, btw where are those treats?

DAA: So I think we can conclude that it is not just about going out and getting the cheapest option out there and calling it a day.

Rusty: Very true but not everyone can afford the Rivera option with an ocean view if they are dealing with a cardboard box budget.

But with a little due diligence and research you can find the best option for a reasonable price.

DAA: Makes sense, do you have a suggestions where they can start?

Rusty: Well my friends over at provide excellent information that can help everyone with their next dog house venture. I also included some houses to browse, just scroll to the bottom of the page. 

In fact the page to browse is called dog house information.

Clever huh?

DAA: Yes indeed, well it has been a pleasure chatting with you Rusty we are almost out of time is there anything else you would like to add before we call this a wrap?

Rusty: A wrap?

Really again with a food reference and I still have no treat?

There is one thing I would like to say and that is when you are considering your next dog house, think about your dog first and move on from there and as always have fun!

DAA: Sound advice!

Rusty: Worthy of a dog treat?